Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Escape room games and themed rooms.

Real-life escaped room games are a physical adventure in which a player has to get out of the room within time by solving mysteries, puzzles, and riddles hidden inside the room. These games are normally based on fictional on passed events themes like: Sherlock Holmes, Leonardo Da Vinci, Alice in Wonderland or Merlin the magician etc. Other themes like pirates and sailors, capture the flag, battleship, treasure hunt etc is also very famous when it comes to real-life games.

Themes based on Sherlock Holmes.

The great Sherlock Holmes as we all know is an absolute genius private detective (fictional) created by a British writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who called him the consulting detective in his books and later on movies and tv serials. We all know him very famous for his observation skills, Science of deduction, Forensic science, Chemist, efficiency, and reasoning. 
The room is based on similar stuff as you will see the classic London looks all over. It will provide you a chance to relive this legendary role and solve mysteries just like he did. Equipment like Spyglass, monocle, a smoking pipe, the spy hat and obviously an overcoat just to make it look more authentic.

Themes based on Leonardo Da Vinci.

Leonardo Da Vinci was defined as universal genius born on 15 April 1452 and died 2 May 1519. This Italian genius is famous for his Paintings. Innovations, Inventions, Architecture, Mathematics, Engineering, Music, Anatomy, and botany etc. 
This famous genius made renown paintings like Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, The baptism of Christ etc, which themselves have hundreds of clues hidden inside them in actual real life. It almost looks like Leonardo loved puzzles and thus provided a series of trails of clues for god knows what secrets.
Such room will provide a refreshed experience of themes based on Milan, Italy. Mysteries will be there according to this geniuses times. There will be paintings and hidden objects to detect for the geniuses to challenge their minds. Players have to escape the room by solving the puzzles given by Leonardo and win his trust.

Themes based on Alice in Wonderland.

It is one of the best escape room real life adventures. Alice in Wonderland is famous fantasy novel which was written in 1865 by an English mathematician named Charles Lutwidge Dodgson also known as by the pseudonym Lewis Carroll. If you are a fantasy movie lover then you must have idea of it.

It is a story of a young girl who fell down a rabbit hole to the unreal and mystical world of Wonderland. Peculiar and unreal creatures were there to welcome her and even from the start, she had to solve numerous tests to pass several troubles.
Players will be given an exact same theme with colors and paints to match it. It can be, a player has to solve their way back to reality or find Alice who is lost somewhere in the wonderland. It is up to the player to find the right door and right answer to unveil the secrets.

Themes based on Merlin the magician.

Merlin the Magician is a legendary figure also known as the wizard which was placed in the Arthurian Legend or Medieval Welsh. Created by Geoffrey of Monmouth in 1136 AD. 
Many enthusiasts of old legend reading and fictional stories are very familiar with this concept and would love to live in this theme. 

The concept of the game could be an attack on King Arthur's kingdom and Merlin is nowhere to be found. So the players have to find their way to his powers and save the kingdom. The theme of the room will be as accurate as those medieval times, knights, dungeons, and dragons.

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