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If you are about to construct a new bathroom in your house, you should think about the right type of shower base that would suit best to the bathroom area. Actually, it does not necessarily mean installing a shower base because the floor itself will do. The main objective of installing shower base is to add aesthetic to your bathroom and ensuring that you do not have to deal with grout, loose tiles, and water damage. Plus installation is SO much easier.

If you are considering a smaller (32″ x 32″) shower base, you can consider the American Standard 3232Y1.ST.222 Acrylux, 32-Inch by 32-Inch, shower base.

This prefabricated shower base can serve as a shower pan and floor. This shower product is a new addition to the AcryLUX collection manufactured by American Standard. It is made from an acrylic material with fiberglass to reinforce maximum strength and easy to install.

Product Description
  • The product weighs 30 pounds
  • It measures 6 x 32 x 32 inches
  • Linen color
  • Made from acrylic material, modern style
Choosing the American Standard 3232Y1.ST.222 Acrylux, 32-Inch by 32-Inch, can be a smart idea. But, it is important to know more information about it particularly the advantages and disadvantages.


Installing an acrylic shower base provides some advantages as follows:
  • This type of shower base does not require extensive maintenance. It is very easy to maintain its cleanliness by just the base with water and soap. Likewise, you need not deal with grout joints, loose tiles
  • The acrylic material stays warm that is why as you enter the shower area your feet would not feel cold.
  • It is also waterproof, thus saves you money from installing waterproofing materials to the base. It is because acrylic material is non-porous.
  • It is more cost-effective to install acrylic shower base as compared to marble or tile shower base.
  • Installing acrylic shower base is a light and easy work. Due to its lighter weight makes it easier to install even in a small bathroom.
  • Acrylic shower base is usually available in standard sizes.
  • The location of the drain pre-set that is why you need to adjust the existing plumbing system.
  • Acrylic is more expensive as compared to fiberglass material.
  • It is not recommended for high-end projects.
Aside from the American Standard 3232Y1.ST.222 AcryLUX, 32-Inch by 32-Inch, Linen, there are other choices of shower base that would surely address the demand of every consumer.  You can choose the shower base made from cultured marble mixed with polyester resin. It is available in larger sheets thus no grout lines and seams are visible. The cost is cheaper than the real marble material and it is stain and mildew resistant.

On the other hand, the fiberglass shower base also has its pros and cons. As mentioned above fiberglass material is lightweight and cheaper as compared to acrylic material. However, the finish would wear and stain in the long run because the thickness is not consistent. Once the fiberglass is stained, it would be difficult to clean and maintain where acrylic is easy to maintain and has a long lifespan.

Customer Reviews
If you find difficulty in making your decision on what to choose, the best thing to do is to read and check the reviews of customers. Read the reviews

This is the best thing to do so that you will know if it is worthy to buy the product. So far, American Standard 3232Y1.ST.222 AcryLUX, 32-Inch by 32-Inch, Linen has obtained positive reviews. Nevertheless, the reviews are not very satisfactory as shown in the score. Aside from reading the customer reviews, it is also important to compare the specifications and features of different brands. This way you will know which one would suit best in your bathroom.

With the plethora of choices, you can surely find the shower base that will work best in your shower area. As long as you know the factors to consider in selecting a shower base, it would be easier for you to find the right one.
Likewise, it is also important to know how to install this shower product. Some homeowners do the job on their own, but for other homeowners, they prefer hiring a professional to do the job for them to ensure that it will be installed properly.

If you are looking for a good 32 x 32-inch shower base that has a quality build and a great company that supports it we suggest you check out the American Standard Acrylux, 32-Inch by 32-Inch shower base.

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