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In & around Lefkosia (Nicosia) with a Cyprus passport

Nicosia or Lefkosia is the official capital of the Republic of Cyprus and a cultural pot. It’s a mix of curiosity and vibrant street life with a rich, fascinating approach. Almost everything of particular interest lies within the Venetian Walls shaped like a snowflake.

The Old City is where you can experience the lively, contemporary bar scene punches and cafes that weighs well above for a small city. Cyprus passport is a key to experience a bundle of museums, trek the series of looping lanes, colonial-era buildings and religious places that speaks an amazing history.

Cyprus museum
Step outside the Old City walls in the line of amazing museum housing the island’s significant collection of archaeological finds. Some of the most amazing highlights include riches hauled while excavating the Royal Tomb at Salamis with a huge and sophisticated décor bronze pot, a bed frame ornate with glass and ivory. Other collections feature remarkable display of around 2,000 exhumed figurines and statues that dates back to almost 6th and 7th century BC when Sanctuary of Agia Irini was excavated.

The Venetian Walls
The Old City is bordered with a Venetian Walls and quite unusual bearing an odd snowflake shape. Dating back to more or less 1567, the circular wall was built by the Venetian rulers for defence against Ottoman invaders.

In July 1570, the Ottomans landed in Larnaca and stormed the defences three months later following brutal slaughtering of around 50,000 inhabitants. The walls however remained in place and speak an unforgettable history best experience with a Cyprus passport.

The moat and around Lefkosia and the Venetian Walls are in perfect condition. They provide space for car parking and serve as venues for outdoor concerts plus a serene spot to stroll and relax. The walls in the North Nicosia are poor shaped, desiccated from different places and growing weaker.

The AG Leventis Gallery
Yet another amazing art museum is located outside the Old City displaying European paintings and sculpture all the way from 16th to 20th centuries. The Paris Collection features masterpieces such as the Renoir, Monet and Chagall whereas the Greek Collection includes amazing artwork from the Greek artists. The Cyprus Collection is truly magnificent and stimulating portrait titled The World of Cyprus by the renowned local artist Adamantios Diamantis.

Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre
The modern-day art museum is situated in a former power station and competes equally to the London’s Tate Modern. The earlier industrial setting is quite dramatic with looming oblique ceilings as well as original equipment blending perfectly with cutting-edge installations. Some of the permanent collection to witness with Cyprus passport includes photography, videography, paintings, sculptures and other creative works courtesy of Dimitris Pierides Museum of Contemporary Art in Greece. Monthly exhibition themes vary and are focused mostly on the politics and culture.

The story of modern Cyprus is foretold best by intriguing collection of art and archival material at CVAR. The galleries are full of paintings and other artwork portrays Cyprus as seen by most all the way from the 1400s to the mid-20th century.

The exhibits of books, artefacts, photographs and paperwork from the colonial period delivers a captivating history of the British reign. There’s also a library containing marvellous collection of books about the country and the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Leventis Municipal Museum
This is perhaps the best place to grasp rich and convoluted history of Lefkosia. The permanent collection inside the neoclassical mansion includes a range of ceramic pieces dating back to the Bronze Age. A fine collection of maps from the 16th century, images, posters and artefacts from the early 20th century, collection from Cyprus independence and division so on!

Experience the best of Lefkosia (Nicosia) with Cyprus passport; one that you won’t forget ever!

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