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Bridal Makeup Tips for Indian Brides

The most essential day for young ladies is when they are getting married & every wanna be bride wants to cherish those special moments by looking gorgeous. As it is going to be a onetime affair let your make up speak for you on the D day.

Bridal Makeup Tips for Indian Brides - Megha Shop

These are few essential and most important tips for bridal make up which needs to have a quick look

Prep with Primer:
Cleanse your face to ensure no dirt or oil stick to your skin and ruin your makeup.  Treat your skin as Velcro and apply primer evenly on your face so that the foundation will stick on the face for long hours. Go for matte primer and avoid glossy primer which may outshine your makeup

Bridal Makeup Tips for Indian Brides - Megha Shop

Apply Foundation & Concealer:
Wedding day is not your trial day so avoid test and trials on your face. It is advisable to choose a foundation that can match with your skin colour.  Foundation is use to cover your face and evens your skin tone whereas concealer as the name suggest it gives additional mask to covers the blemishes  and zit on your face.

Touch up with Compact:
Use a compact which will complement your foundation. If you are using shimmery compact restrict it towards your cheek bones, under chin & cupid bow. Avoid using it on T zone (Forehead & bridge of nose) of your face which will make your face look sweaty & oily. Let your skin glow rather than shine.

Bridal Makeup Tips for Indian Brides - Megha Shop

Enhance your cheekbones with tinge of Blush:
Use a blush complementing your lipstick. Use cream blush to give a dewy natural glow on your face. Highlight your face with minimum blush on your cheek bone to avoid looking like a doll.

Express your emotions with your eyes
It is said that eyes are the most expressive form on your face. Let your eyes express your inner happiness. Keep it soft subtle and sultry look which will ensemble you to look stern rather than stunning. Let your groom get lost in your deep sunken eyes. Eye makeup is advised to do prior to face make up as to avoid ruining your face.

Bridal Makeup Tips for Indian Brides - Megha Shop

 Weddings have high and low emotions hence it is necessary to have all eye products water proof which will not smudge your eyes when stream of tears flow down. Use mascara in black colour, eye shadow and eye liner can be used to complement your bridal wear.

Don't Avoid your eyes upper region - Eyebrows:
Trim your eyebrows well in advance before the D day to avoid plucking it last moment and conjure redness near your eyes. Try using brown or porcelain colour to coat your eyes brows. Black is totally no as it gives a fake appearance of eye brows.

Smile throughout the day with your luscious lips:
Use matte lipstick with complementary lip liner. Use layers of lipstick to last it longer. Use lip liner evenly on your lips rather than using it as outliner for your lips. Avoid gloss as it tends to take off your lip colour faster giving you pale appearance. Follow natural line of your lips as it will give you more soft and natural look.

Bridal Makeup Tips for Indian Brides - Megha Shop

As you are ready with all the essential Makeup Tips required for your wedding day. You can DIY or hire a glam squad for the same. It takes lot of efforts to look better on this special day hence a smile with confidence on your face will enlighten your inner strength. 

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