Monday, October 2, 2017

10 Quick and Easy Ways with Chicken Breasts

Some time back, one of my sisters asked me to write a post on different things you can do with chicken breasts. She  (and her family) were sick to death of her handful of standard chicken recipes. It was time to get creative and all she needed was some inspiration.

So here we are. There are no more excuses now. Stock up the freezer with chicken breasts and start trialing these delicious and easy recipes.  Your family will love you for it…

Thai Style Marinade
This is a really tasty, Thai Style Marinade show-casing the traditional flavors of Thailand. If the children don’t like chili, simply omit the chili from the marinade mix. Serve it with steamed brown rice and an Easy Green Side Salad for a super healthy family meal.

Party Chicken
A simple chicken breast recipe that is good enough to serve if you have people over for dinner. I love the fact that this Party Chicken can be prepared ahead of time and it tastes oh so great.

Honey & Soy Marinade
Try marinating the chicken breasts in this yummy Honey & Soy mix before you put them in the freezer by combining all the ingredients (including the chicken of course) in a freezer bag and sealing tightly. When the chicken defrosts you can gently massage the marinade into the chicken, to let the flavors develop even more.

Spiced Plum Chicken
Yum, yum yum! Spiced Plum Chicken is actually not spicy at all so don’t be put off by the name. It’s the distinct flavor of the Chinese Five Spice that makes it such a hit. Panfry it inside or on the BBQ. The cooked chicken is yummy in a wrap the next day if there are any leftovers …

Warm Chicken Schnitzel Salad
Who doesn’t love a schnitzel? Served with a beautiful salad with roasted pumpkin, feta, and walnuts, this Warm Chicken Schnitzel Salad is heavenly.

Chinese Chicken
This Chinese Chicken dish is one of our firm family favorites. Try serving it with this delightful Rice Salad and some steamed greens to keep up the Asian theme.

Lemon, Herb & Garlic Marinade
The light and delicious combination of flavors in this Lemon, Herb & Garlic Marinade work so well together. Serve the marinated chicken on a salad or with some tasty side dishes.

Chutney Chicken
A super easy and quick chicken bake that only takes about 5 minutes to prepare. This Chutney Chicken dish is a savior during the week when you want a fast but tasty dinner the whole family will love.

Chicken & Pesto Pizza
A great weekend dinner idea. Make your own easy Chicken & Pesto Pizza. Panfry 2 chicken breasts (seasoned with salt and pepper) then cut them into thin slices. Spread large pita pieces of bread with tomato paste and a few small dollops of store bought pesto sauce. Arrange the chicken on the pizza and generously top with mozzarella cheese. Bake in a moderate oven for around 15 minutes or until cooked. Scatter rocket leaves on the pizza and serve.

Vietnamese Warm Chicken Salad
Colorful, bright, healthy and delicious. What more is there to say? Try different versions of lettuce in this Vietnamese Warm Chicken Salad to discover your favorite combination.

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