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Top Natural Home Remedies For Shoulder Pain


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Shoulder pain often occurs in people who keep working in long-term postures, sit frequently in the chair or have less physical activities, so the syndrome directly and strongly affects the quality of work and life. Of all the medications tor shoulder pain, it is suggested to apply natural therapies for the high effectiveness to cure painful shoulders. Make them as your first choice to relieve yourself from the pain as soon as possible.  
Before introducing the organic treatments of painful shoulder, the rule of thumb is to understand the overview of shoulder pain.
The main reasons for the development of shoulder pain
In fact, there are various causes for getting pain on the shoulders but what mostly affect the illness are mentioned below.
Mechanical causes including unsuitable sitting, lying, using high pillow when sleeping, sleeping with the headrest on the chair, lying on the side, sitting in front of the fan, immersing in the rain or bathing in the late evening can reduce the supply of oxygen for the muscle cells. As a result, the muscles will be affected by the anemia which leads to the soreness and the pain on the neck, shoulder, the body fatigue and the difficulties of the movements of the neck, wrist and back.
Another cause of the health condition is the changes over the age because the older you are, the more dangerous the illness will be. From the middle age, due to the natural aging process, the reduction of the elasticity in the blood vessels results in the difficulties in the blood circulation and the impairment of the oxygen exchange in the body. Therefore, serious symptoms including dizziness, headache and neck fatigue are made. However, now people catching shoulder pain is rejuvenating, the patients easily suffered by the disease can be extremely young people, especially most office workers sitting in front of computers or driving for long distances.
Other pathologies can also be the cause for the development of the painful shoulder. Shoulder pain is not simply a disease but it is also the obvious manifestation of the osteoarthritis including the neck vertebrae degeneration, shoulder joints, spinal disc herniation and osteoporosis.
In addition, the weather change is also one of the factors that worsen the shoulder pain. When the weather gets cold, the body may be suddenly infected with the sudden cold that leads to the bloody stagnation, the reduction of the oxygen supply to the blood and the full ischemia in the muscles creating the body pain.
The signs of getting shoulder pain
The major indications of the health condition include:
• Little pain in the neck and shoulder creates the difficulties for the sufferers when moving.
• The patients even get pain in the upper back.
• It is difficult for the affected people to lie on one side and even to get affected by insomnia.
If you frequently suffer from the shoulder and neck pain and the health condition does not improve after taking pills, what you really need is to read our most effective recommendations for treating the pains on the shoulder.  
Home remedies for shoulder pain  
1.  Turmeric
What makes turmeric a powerful pain reliever is the composition of natural anti-inflammatory substances to get the shoulder rapidly relieved from the pain and swelling. To use the remedy, make a paste of two tablespoon of turmeric powder and one tablespoon of pure coconut oil or olive oil and apply the mixture paste on the hurt shoulder. After the paste is dried naturally, get it wiped off by lukewarm water. Apply the treatment twice a day!
Another way to get rid of shoulder pain with turmeric is put one spoon of turmeric powder into a cup of fresh and pure milk and get the mixture boiled or warmed after stirring it well. To see the best effectiveness of the therapy, consume the drink twice every day.
2. Oranges, alums and dried onions
The major steps of applying the natural medication includes:
  • Take a washed orange and get its head cut off.  
  • Add a little bit of alum and 1 dried onion to the inside orange.
  • Get the fruit grilled on the gas grill.
  • After baking the orange, cut and place it the affected area.
  • Only after about 5 to 10 minutes, your pain will be greatly reduced.
3. Do exercises for the shoulder
Recently, Japanese doctors have introduced a method to cure the pain in the muscles and relieve the shoulder pain by a simple method which is exercising for the shoulder. What you need to do are to lie on the bed, get a small towel or soft cloth folded up and place it below the shoulders. When the towel is put on the right shoulder, place the left arm on the right shoulder, make the right arm perpendicular to the shoulder while the right hand is put up on the top of the head and the whole body is relaxed.
Hold the same posture for 10 seconds to relax all the shoulder muscles and then, repeat the similar steps with the left shoulder. Do it every day or in your free time, especially before the bedtime or after waking up. The greater the pain is, the more persistent the sufferers have to do the treatment.
4. Hot and cold water treatment
Immediately after suffering from the shoulder pain, it is suggested to apply an ice pack on the affected shoulder area for about 30 minutes to stimulate the blood vessels and rapidly get the pain relief. If you have the pain on the shoulders due to the muscle contraction, use a clean towel to put into the water at 40-45 Celsius degrees to cover the pain for about half an hour to dilate blood vessels, muscles and ligaments.
5. Olive Oil
Olive oil has long been considered as an effective organic pain reliever which magically aid the healing process of the injured shoulders by improving the blood circulation and reducing the shoulder stiffness and swelling. The home remedy can be done by these steps including heating some drops of olive oil for a few seconds and wait for it to naturally cool down. Ask another person to apply the oil on your hurt shoulders and get it massaged properly by create the pressure and squeeze on the affected areas. Keep massaging for ten minutes. Apply the therapy various times a day to see how magical it can work.

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