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Top Effective Home Treatments For Colic


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Colic is the phenomenon of persistent crying in a healthy child, especially the newborn. This syndrome usually starts when the babies are 2 to 4 weeks old until 3 to 4 months old which makes parents feel helpless to deal with. The spontaneous syndrome almost has no obvious causes and no specific medications. Although the disease only occurs in a relatively short time, it remains a matter of concern to the parents. So, what are the signs of your baby catching colic? How to deal with the syndrome naturally? Have a look at our article to have beneficial information acknowledged.
The reasons for the syndrome
Spending more than 50 years discovering the exact causes of colic, scientists still failed. However, there is a theory claimed that the baby's incomplete digestive system is incompletely formed, allergic reactions, lactose intolerance, changes in common bacteria in the digestive system contribute to the formulation of colic.
The pathology does not hurt your baby; however, it becomes an irritation to parents seeing their little child crying fiercely.
The evidences prove that your baby got colic
The terrible syndrome is showed through a myriad of indications including:
  • The change in the postures of the newborn such as clenched hands, stretched belly, up-curled knees, and bent back.
  • Slight sleep and high-pitched crying during the night.
  • The meals are also interrupted by fierce crying.
  • The babies burp while crying.
  • Irritating crying with different intensities without any obvious reason which lasts for few minutes to 3 hours or more, usually in the late afternoon or evening is also included. The cry is intense or uncomfortable.

Home remedies for colic
1. Take the affected baby for a walk
A recent working paper shows that 6-week-old children who are exposed to fresh air for 4-5 hours a day will cry less than those going out for 2 to 3 hours. The exposure to the natural and fresh environment and the proximity to the fathers and mothers will effectively soothe the baby and even release the parents from worries at home
2. Hot compress
Another natural colic babies help is use a heat pad soaked in hot water of 70 Celsius degrees and place it over the abdominal wall of the baby after picking the pad up. Hot compress helps the abdomen warmed up and create the comfort for the baby. On the other hand, the parents can soak a soft cotton towel into hot water, squeeze the towel and bathe over the baby body. Then, dress the baby with a cooler cotton outfit to help children sleep more easily.
3. Gingers
To utilize the easy-to-do remedies, put 5 grams of red sugar and 15 grams of washed, peeled and chopped gingers into a porcelain cup. Then, pour boiling water into the cup for about 5 minutes, stir the mixture and divide the ginger tea into smaller cups for children to drink during the day and before bedtime.
By applying the treatment, the baby body is warmer which facilitate an easy sleep time without crying. Persistently allow the affected baby consume the drink before going to bed after a week to see the true magic.  
3. Change the milk for babies
If your baby is taking formula milk, try another kind of milk. Some babies can only breastfeed, so drinking formula milk results in allergic reactions which cause fierce colic. Some types of milk containing high properties of protein will also cause allergies to the baby, especially the protein in cow's milk. However, there is not much evidence that milk with hypoallergenic ingredients will make the baby more comfortable.
5. Create the quiet environment for bedtime
To avoid high-pitched crying over night for the newborns, it is advised to reduce noise and turn off the lights in the bedroom. Hug the baby in your hands or let the newborn sleep in the lightly swinging cradle or hammock is also recommended. The lightly repeated vibrations can calm the baby's crying. Try to turn on household appliances such as vacuum cleaner, washing machine, hair dryer to create a mellow air around to help the newborn relax.
6. Do massage
The parents does not need to worry about how to make proper massage to stop the baby’s crying. Simply put the baby on the mother’s abdomen and gently massage the little child’s back and continue the process with the hands, legs and abdomen. Gentle massage support a better sleeping process for the newborn.
7. Increase your baby's movements
More movements can be another effective to cure colic because some babies will be relieved of stress when doing more exercises. The advice for parents is searching what are appropriate activities for their baby's age and physical health. Sometimes, simple dance, sway together or push the baby’s cart around the house can be proficient.
8. Keep the baby body warm
The infants are prone to the health condition called hypothermia, so keeping their body warm not only makes the baby feel comfortable but also feel the safe environment to avoid the irritations and crying with unknown reasons. However, this remedy is uncomfortable to implement when the weather is hot.

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