Tuesday, May 30, 2017

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Overeating fat will make you fat. Overeating carbs will make you fat. And guess what? Too much protein? Yup, that too will also make you lovely and fat.
But unfortunately, ‘everything in moderation’ just isn't as catchy as ‘How to lose 10lbs in 5 days’. ‘Slow & steady realistic lifestyle changes’ doesn't do as well as extreme hunger, dizzy spells and constipation. East London Personal Trainer

Loneliness is addictive.
Hello my name is Ban. And I’m an addict.I crave solitude. And peanut butter.

You can say that competing is about ‘building’ strength. You can bang on about discipline, about hard work, about pushing out of comfort zones. All of which are completely valid. But standing up there on stage you are being judged on your looks alone. You are being judged on your outer appearance. You are being ranked on what you look like. You are not being judged on how fast you can run, how high you can jump or how hard you can throw a ball. You are not being judged on your intellect, or your personality, you are being judged on the way you look half naked. Bikinis, fake tans, evening gowns and judges... Is there really any difference between a beauty pageant and a fitness competition? I think not. And, if you're honestly in it for the 'mental challenge' or to see how far you can push yourself, why not try a half iron man? Or better still, an ultra marathon? How's that for building character? I mean, Gym Shark might just be looking to sponsor the next 2017 Marathon de Sables competitor.But an Influencer should be smart enough to acknowledge their power and responsibility as a ‘role model’ for younger girls. Young girls look up to these women. If their favourite #fitspo is posting pictures in their underwear 6 out of 7 days a week they might assume that is OK. If their favourite #fitspo is posing with their bare ass they might start thinking that’s what people who are into fitness do. If #fitspo’s keep taking half-naked pictures young girls might start thinking that’s what you need to do in order for people to like and accept you.
And my explore page is filled with Suzies. My feed is filled with 20 somethings releasing workout programmes, guides, and nutrition plans based purely on their personal experience. Based purely on the way they look, what’s worked for them, and their opinions. Which leads to the question, Should Instagram stars who hold zero certifications be giving health & fitness advice to the public? Should ‘influencers’ or ‘instagram celebrities’ who have no credentials be selling workout plans or guides? Does having a big booty qualify you to sell online workout plans? Nope. It does not occupational health Services.
But they’re doing it. And they’re killing it. And it’s bothering people. People are annoyed. People are angry. I’ve seen the tweets, I’ve seen the conversations, and I’ve been involved in many entertaining discussions.

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