Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Facts about Winstrol test cycle


Winstrol is also known by its generic name, Stanozolol and is one of the most popular anabolic steroids of today. Though most of the anabolic steroids bring about androgenic effects, Winstrol is safer and it is very helpful to bring lean and strong muscles. That means you get muscles that look good but also act well. Winstrol test cycle is usually referred to the cycle that is used to get best results but with minimal side effects. Also, Winstrol use can bring about a decrease in testosterone levels and hence, it is best to stack it with testosterone to maintain balance of the hormone. Another benefit of the stacking is that it helps build good muscles and if it is tried a week before a contest, you can get your ‘competition worthy muscular body’.
The working and dosage of Winstrol test cycle
Winstrol with 500 mg of testosterone E is every effective in bringing about performance enhancement, bodybuilders and many other professional athletes make use of Winstrol test cycle, thus making it one of the most preferred anabolic steroids of today. The best part of Winstrol cycle is that it can be used by men and women both. Winstrol in any form is beneficial, so if you hear any claims about one form being superior to another, it is not true. Most athletes use Winstrol test cycle for off season as it helps in building stronger mass, both in terms of size and strength. 
Another point to note is that Winstrol cycle can range from 4 weeks to 6 weeks. These cycles are pretty safe and do not cause harm to liver. Some users also try the 8 week period but stretching it further can be harmful for liver health. Winstrol does not cause water retention and the muscles that are gained by its use are hard muscles and not water.
The common dose for Winstrol ranges from 35 to 75 mg daily but his is for oral form and when it comes to injections, the dose is 25-50 mg. For women, the dose has to be lower; oral Winstrol dose is 5-10 mg daily. Winstrol injections aren’t suitable for women though.
Side effects of Winstrol test cycle
Stacking with testosterone is common. Some users use testosterone only before and after the cycle in order to avoid side effects. As Winstrol can bring about testosterone suppression, it can be prevented by using two weeks of test and then continued with Winstrol daily for 6 weeks, then again continue the test but only for 4 weeks. This cycle is only for men and women should not follow it. Apart from lowering testosterone levels, Winstrol use can also cause testicular atrophy. But this effect is seen only for a short period of time and once Winstrol cycle is discontinued, the testicle regains its original form.
Stacking Winstrol with testosterone will be able to prevent the side effects mentioned above. Thus, using Winstrol test cycle for cutting cycle can bring about amazing results in the body and many athletes and other fitness enthusiasts can gain by getting lean and strong muscles, which remain so for a long time as well.

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