Monday, January 16, 2017

Type of Lipstick Every Women Should Own

Lipstick is the most common and basic part of makeup. Every day in our daily life we use different colors and shades of lipstick to add the basic touch. Without investing too much time. Most of us think there are mainly two types of lipsticks, which are available in the market matt and glossy. But the fact it other than these two types, a wide range of lipsticks are available in the market. Different companies are selling those products. Depending on the customer feedback here are some examples of lipsticks brands reviews and types of lipsticks which women should own.
Satin or Sheer
Satin lipsticks are available in different shades. The main reason is the oil mixing process. Because of this oil mixture the color of the lipsticks differs sometimes pink some peach color. It is used for moisturizing lips. Though the finish is also not too glossy. This is a must have for every woman. NYX Sheer color is one of the most famous color lipsticks.
Matt Lipstick: 
Kylie Jenner is the best brand for matt lipsticks. Matt lipsticks are just fabulous for a different look. The longevity is the main characteristic of the matt lipsticks. The matt lipsticks are just super for adding different look as well as for moisturizing the lips. This kind of lipsticks gives a velvet finish of the lips, and the lips look slightly bigger than the lipsticks are used with lip liner.
Liquid lipstick
Matt lip gloss with heavy pigmentation is called liquid lipsticks. This provides lips a lot of texture. That is the reason lips look like little fuller. NYX lingerie liquid lip glosses are very famous in this segment.
Moisturizing lipstick
Some lips are a very dry pattern. This type of dry lips always wants moisture. Rather than applying lip balm one should apply moisturizing lipsticks with full of Vitamin E, aloe, and essential oils. This kind of lipsticks will give a bit glossy look, but the problem is these lipsticks are not very long lasting. So reapplication is frequently needed. Isadora Twist lipsticks are not only famous but also very effective so solve dry lips problems.
Cream and Matt lipstick
This cream and matt lipsticks are little waxy in nature and texture, but it gives a matt look to the lips. Not only Matt smoothing effect is also very prominent. But this not like exact Matt. These lipsticks are enriched with pigments and very long lasting also. NYX is the leader in this segment of lipsticks.
Frosted lipstick
Frosted lipsticks are much enriched in color pigment, and it gives a very light pearlized, metallic finished. But the moisturizing level is very low in this kind of lipsticks. So before selecting it is important to choose one which has a proper moisture balance. Urban Decay, Gwen Stefani is a very famous brand in this segment.
Not only gloss and matt but varieties are just too much in lipstick category. But above discussed varieties are just must have in the collection for every woman. Satta matka

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