Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Kolkata and Bangalore -- A trip exploring the contrasting side of two cities

A trip to two cities is always fun. We get to see and experience two contrasting cultures and lifestyles. The best way to enjoy and get the best of a twin city visit, always choose two entirely different cities. Here in this article, we talk about a visit to Bangalore and Kolkata. One is a top city in East India and the other, a top city in South India.

To get a contrasting experience of two rich cultures in India, plan a visit to Kolkata and Bangalore. The two cities are considered among the oldest and the top major cities in the country with a unique blend of the old and modern side of both cultures. These two cities are arguably one of the top most progressive cities with an open-minded approach and way of life. You can easily reach the cities by one of the Kolkata to Bangalore flights.

You may choose whichever city to explore first as per your liking, so let’s take Kolkata first and discuss what you can expect there. The city of Kolkata, located in the Eastern region of India is one of the most culturally rich places in India. This ancient city is much respected by its peers as the city has contributed a lot to the cultural scene of India in the field of literary, dance and various other art forms. The city today stands gloriously equipped with all the modern amenities and infrastructures. The climate is harsh and humid, and the traffic almost chaotic, however, it all adds up to the charm of the city, which makes us know of the city that it is today. Shopping is an absolute delight in the city and the cuisine so fine that it is known worldwide. From subtle fish curries to mouth-watering street foods and sweetmeats, the city has much to gloat about to the foodies. Accommodation includes chains of the best hotels in the country and the people are warm and hospitable. Everyone knows Hindi in Kolkata and understand English.

On the other hand, we have Bangalore. The city with the best climatic conditions compared to any other cities in India, it is also the place where you will be introduced to the proper South Indian way of life and culture. Bangalore is one of the most loved cities in India and it has something for everyone. For the children, the city has multiple parks, playgrounds, malls with recreational corners for kids, gaming arcades and amusement parks. For the old and retired, the city has beautiful residential societies which are perfectly maintained and away from the hustle and bustle of the city and party spots where youngsters party their socks off with heart thumping basslines. This is the reason why the city is also fondly called the ‘Pensioner’s Paradise’. For the youngsters and middle-aged group, there is an endless choice of spots to choose to hang out from chic bars, quirky cafes, themed bars and exclusive nightclubs. The city also offers one of the best shopping experience in the country, both in its malls and street markets. Smaller restaurants and roadside hotels mostly serve South Indian food, however, if you go to some parts of the city like Brigade road or Koramangala, you will see a plethora of multi cuisine restaurants. Everything from authentic Italian, Japanese, South Korean, Mediterranean and European restaurants can be found in these parts of the city. These places not only serve the food and cuisine of the place but the whole decor, ambience and sitting arrangements of the restaurants are made in such a way that it takes you that country for a short while! There is no dearth of accommodations ranging from the basic budget hotels to the most luxurious hotels. Language barrier may prove to be a slight problem during your stay in the city.

Both cities have so much to offer so vividly in contrast with each other. The trip to these two cities will surely provide you a rich insight to the cultures of both cities which are loved and revisited by thousands each and every year. 

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