Tuesday, March 15, 2016

How to be a Stylish Pre-Teen


When it comes to matters of clothing and fashion sense, we can rest assured that no one is as conscious as a pre-teen. And to assist each such cute looking girl to look the smartest of all,   Limeapple, your online pre-teen clothing store, gives you a range of Tween clothing that is designed keeping in mind the fashion forward girls of today.

In every stage and location of pre-teen clothing shopping, the styles are variant keeping in mind the needs of these young adults. Tweens are keener on what they want, more aware of the trends and like to think twice (may be thrice at times!) over every style before they make it a part of their wardrobe. So here we have a few count on fingers tips to make these choices simpler and wiser for our growing preteens!

Step one is to wear properly fitted clothes. Baggy jeans look rather swag on boys but certainly not on the girls. Discard the old pair and hop into the nearest store that sells the stylish and the best fitting pair for you. A good pair of jeans can be a part of the wardrobe for a long time, therefore, it is important to look for quality whenever you are out buying jeans. Shades of blue are everyone’s favorite but it’s wiser to have a few colourful ones too to go with dresses and moods. Further, make the choice keeping in mind the kind of activities you would be indulging in while wearing them. We need not compromise comfort for fashion. The same goes for tops.
Buy cute shirts. And by cute, we don’t mean the ones with brand logos and gaudy images. You can keep it chic yet classy for your Tween by looking for some vibrant colors. Dressing up according to the season also works on magic at times. Sunny and bubbly in summer and warm, comfy and understated in winter would work well.

Watch out for colours. Each little is girl is unique in her own way. That is why, it is important that what she wears reflects her unique personality and style. What might look good on one’s friend, doesn’t necessarily work for her. The colors that one wears should also go with her skin and hair. It’s important to remember that we let her wear what she thinks looks great on her, for that is what she will be most comfortable and happy in.

A good skin and hair often does the magic. Ensure that the skin is well toned and moisturized as per the needs of the season. There is no denying the fact that well managed and clean hair undoubtedly works a long way in getting the eyes riveted on to you. So wash them regularly and  keep them well moisturised. Try the styles as per your face cut to enhance the looks.

Other than clothing, accessorizing can go a long way in establishing your darling as a stylish tween. Cute and well- fitting shoes for different occasions are a must. Avoid stellatoes for that fake height and mature look. Cute clips and hair bands can also aid in trying out different hair styles for her. Also, it’s okay to paint the nails once in a while howsoever tedious the job might appear to be. One can also take her to a salon to get some cute nail art done, may be during vacations.Although wearing make-up can be fun, it would make ourgirl look more grown up, and we wouldn’t want that.

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