Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Metro 2033 pc games shoot me what I do wrong?

Hi I actually have a electronic equipment (card ATI Radeon 256 bit one gb) that meets your demand with windons xp the matter is that this, i purchase off that game on page referred to as "full game" with Karuza once Habri the iso, I aparesio steam with serial then solve it with a program referred to as "Phoenix" that helps decompress while not the impulse to place key (which i believed I had already solved and it clad it had been not so) weno hise all, place a razor 1911 crack and skin and install "vcredist_x86" and dll however the "PhysX" didn't install and therefore the direct eleven either (sosopecho that the program is Cuasante the sport doesn't run me) as a result of after you run metro2033.exe as a result of I throw error (the Metro2033 has encountered a tangle and wishes to close) what would be the solution? facilitate American state believe American state i am cursed with an equivalent theme. thanks prior to

Checks whether or not the sport supports your graphics card, transfer the newest drivers for your graphics card, DirectX eleven say they need issues, try and place the ten, "PhysX" i believe it's Nvidia tries to transfer and install it once more or if it comes with the optical disk put in there, directX eleven is for Win seven, strive another crack, and that i don't have any plan what else to mention.

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