Monday, February 8, 2016

Adsense login | Problems to access AdSense?

Problems to access AdSense
"This record does not have any AdSense account, as your application is currently under review. Before the expiry of one week from the date of your request, we will review and inform you of the result via email. If your participation in AdSense is approved, you can access your account and start using the service."

Hi, as of now have years adsense use, and I don't recall extremely well the registry however have ... I recall really, audit your record more than anything, I recollect that you were asking the site where you will utilize adsense for them to check if or you can not put your advertisements.

What you say e-for sure just works at 100 with Gmail, different sends are not acknowledged or you could bring about issues.

What you can do here is to hold up a week to google lets you know, attempt and go in and ideally can .... in any case, on the off chance that you realize that mail from your adsense account.

In the event that you no more recollect a few points of interest I prescribe reproduce everything (with another mail) so that Wing hour of your installment won't have issues on the off chance that they need to roll out an improvement.

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