Thursday, December 24, 2015

Must used free android apps | Top 11 android apps

1.Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader android
PDF documents can be on the Internet everywhere and the most widely used format for the exchange of documents. So you can also install the Search PDF files quickly and easily, recommended an Android application such as Adobe Reader.

2.ASTRO File Manager

ASTRO File Manager
Unfortunately, there are still some manufacturers who fail to install on your Android device a manager of useful files. This is unfortunate, because such a person has to again. A free application and easy to use file manager for Android ASTRO File Manager is to use.


Facebook Messenger
All dominant social networks are represented by their own free Android applications that make mobile use of the friendly service. An official Twitter application, Google Google + client and find an official Facebook application in the Play Store. Facebook offers the main application on the Facebook Messenger, which focuses on the messaging feature of Facebook.


WhatsApp Messenger is the most popular smartphone for a large number of mobile operating systems. It allows sending messages for free, audio, video and audio files that contacts who are using the application. And these are certainly diverse. On Android, the first year of the application is free, after declining an annual fee of less than one euro.


With free applications Dropbox, Google Drive and Box access to cloud storage also always on the road yet.

6.Google Maps

Google Maps
Find the route planning maps, navigation, close. Google Maps is all for free. With Street View can explore its own Android device in 360 degrees even from afar or near cities.


QuickPic simple and fast image viewer that is QuickPic. Who provided the gallery on the Android device is too slow or too impractical, which should take a look at this little application, show not only images, but also to change and can play a slideshow.

8.MX Player

MX Player
MX Player quickly once play a downloaded video? Android, which do not always do with the default drive works. Free MX Player supports many formats of video and offers many nice features.

I wetter.comBrauche an umbrella today? This problem is likely to respond in a position quickly,, because, in addition to signing Notifications weather and climate prediction, the app is also a Doppler radar and weather videos.


YouTubeWas it that for this application? With YouTube Video chat and images in motion the Internet only a few screen taps are removed.

11.Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express
Pixlr Express ExpressPixlr dominated both the post-processing of images (sharpness, contrast, color, etc.), as well as the beautification through filters, overlays, or other effects.

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