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10 best sources of free Android apps download

sources of free Android apps
Since the release of the first Android smartphone, the HTC Dream, have been developed and published many applications for the operating system. The Android Market and now Google Play offers paid and free Android applications. Because the clarity of the platform greatly to be desired, we present twelve good sources of (mostly) free Android apps.

The best sources of free Android apps

The Google Play Store, Android applications growing user pushes a huge advantage. However, the wide range of applications, even at the expense of clarity. If ratings and comments more help Android users have to rely on external sources.

External sources saving when searching for appropriate Android Apps much time and effort.
On the web there are countless essays, opinions and rankings of Android applications. To save the research to this point twelve sound sources that will help you in your search for the corresponding Android application, we have for you. If you know a blog worth reading or successful placement with the thing itself, we would appreciate a short note in the comments.

1. AndroidPIT

AndroidPIT is the first stop for Android users. Looking for you applications in the biggest German site on this subject you can find it quickly. Apparently by category to help reviews and information texts, forums and notes on the lookout for correspondence Android application.

2. Amazon


Since 2012, Amazon has its own app store in Germany. Alone by the relatively high prevalence of children tablet user base and the variety of free and paid apps are quite large. Of course, the number of users on the Google Play store is still quite low, which is why the company attracts users with a special offer compared. Every day there are on Amazon, a paid app for free. A regular look worthwhile.

3. AppBrain

Free Android Apps AppBrain

The alternative AppBrain Android Market provides a good overview of the latest Android games and applications. In these two categories, each of which has several categories and related Toplisten, looking regularly buried for experienced Android users treasures.

4. ndroid

Ndroid is another specialist for Android applications. Thematically divided into three categories, the search for the desired application is fast and friendly. Although the number of adverse effects in terms of the list, the entire test ndroid deals and detailed reports.

5. Rockbä

Rockbaer Android Apps

Under Rockbä Sebastian Pertsch today lists over 200 Android applications, including a brief description and evaluation. Known and unknown applications can be found in this table, which holds a few surprises for the active users of the Google Play Store.

6. AndroidMag

AndroidMag Free Android Apps

For bargain hunters AndroidMag Business offers a glimpse (almost) daily updates Android Apps trivago. As a special offer or discount are cited regularly, so it's worth stopping by.

7. F-Droid

besten_quellen_kostenlose_android Droid apps_f

F-Droid is an App Store where you will find alternative programs and open source games exclusively for Android. To the free tools and games you install must install F-Droid App kostenfeie. Incidentally, you can also easily update downloaded applications

8. Opera Mobile Store


The App Store browser maker Opera has been around since 2011. In addition to finding Android apps will also find programs for Blackberry OS, Symbian, Java and Windows Mobile. The vast majority of Android applications completely free of charge. A view can be so profitable.

9. Chip Online

Huge 50 Android applications are presented in Chip Online in broad overview and the best thing is they are all free. Characteristics help texts to acquire an overview and a first selection. The remit of the Index covers all possible additional functions

10. Computer Bild

Computer screen free Android Apps

Even computer screen try the final ranking of the best Android applications. Among the promising title "Android Apps" lists avoided author Axel Hengstbach supposedly best applications of Google's platform and hope newcomers especially in this way, "The Top 100 spoiled for choice".

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