Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Women health problem | Women serious health problem

I see no other risk than bite the penis to man and that of false swallowing the woman.
As for the danger of sperm, they are not more in the mouth than in the vagina ... except pregnancy.
Apart from all this, fellatio must remain a pleasure.

I will tell you to answer yes it is dangerous because the AIDS virus is found in the sperm and the sperm when in contact with the mouth it will benefit from a lesion to the skin to infiltrate.

It is exposed by this practice to all STDs including:
- HSV (genital and oral form)
- Syphilis, Treponema pallidum
- Chlamydia, Chlamydia trachomatis
- Gonorrhea (extra-genital form), Neisseria gonorrhoeae

No spermatozoa are not dangerous either for women or for men when they are swallowed.
On the contrary, it is very good for the body because it's just protein.
The only danger is the risk of STDs, but it has nothing to do with sperm

I never heard that someone had caught health problems following a blowjob! (Perhaps pay attention to HIV !!)

not a problem, if from the start you follow the instructions on the care of the tattoo artist, the exhibition in the sun!

no more than on other parts of the body
when creating tattoo diseases (AIDS, hépathite etc. ..) can be transmitted to the tattooed if the equipment is not sterile and disposable.
after the tattoo there may be a risk of infection if it is not properly disinfected, this as in any injury

anesthetists some refuse to do an epidural tattoo in the back ... that's why equal is not recommended to women !!!

Indeed during the sting anestésie there may be ink particles that enter the wound of the needle and causing serious infection !!!

hello I work in a tattoo and piercing parlor and to reply to your question no it does not pose a health problem to anyone silk

It seems that if you have a lower back tattoo you will not be able to benefit from an epidural, the ink introduces into the marrow ...
there is also the pub "health" and possible infection of the needles used in tattooing

Yes, if it is on the bottom part, it is bites or epidural (pain killer) before delivery

as was said Lady o, a lower back tattoo will be a problem the day you'll need an epidural

for the epidural but do the epidural is not a requirement in life and that's not all doctors who either refuse you the

Hi I have 2
1 on the neck and the other at the bottom and I had no problem it has been 5 years

the mom meme being tattooed down the back there are no worries if you chose a good tattoo artist.
or epidural sure the doctor agrees to do everything Deep The location of the tattoo
hello I have a tattoo on the lower back and I haven no health problem regarding the epidural it is true that some doctor refuses to do when the patient owns a tattoo, but do not forget that the epidural is not mandatory and it can be replaced by something else as care of.

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