Monday, November 9, 2015

Why travel in europe ?

Europe is large enough to discover the many landscapes, cultures thousand, and a thousand foods, but small enough that traveling does not cost too much.

Europe, is a thousand different states of mind, but not TOO different, and that we can get away without feeling too foreign.

Because from north to south, from east to west, there are so many different climates that can, in any season, enjoy somewhere a little sweetness, a little skiing, or a little sea while remaining a bit 'home'.

Long as we have the chance to be part of the Euro zone, there are no exchange rates, no trip to the bank, and the money that I use at home, I used home.

There is Venice, Milan, Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Athens, Dublin, London, York, Bruges, Lille, Warsaw, Edinburgh, Ajaccio, Aix En Provence, Lindt, Berlin, Basel, Amsterdam and so ... other mythical and spectacular cities, with their histoie and architecture.

Because traveling is dreaming, and that Europe is just at home, everywhere.

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