Sunday, November 8, 2015

Why people care about life and 'work' of celebrities?

Because celebrities like them to know, they do not want to become lodged scandals would not do and not do stupid things would be made to draw attention.the verdades ras celebrities are known so for his music or his actions or his works and not by the scandals that make

because if you have no life become interested in the lives of others and that people like you have everything with you who have ever dreamed (cars, silver, gold, jewelry) are wrong and make mistakes as human beings They are, but the more fall (worse the mistakes they make) more critics.
perhaps because his life is so boring that they have to find someone not reflected and built themselves their own destiny to make you forget that kind of people who will never know maybe

nose if lives! but if the works! why not follow the works of the artists would not look pelicans, not sabra mos nothing about his music! that would still not! is equal consider them our gods and we have an obsession compulsive know everything about them?

because they love to gossip about other people especially celebrities and the more is outrageous and offbeat gossip people want to know more about the famous

I wonder the same thing !! I do not understand the madness to artists, singers, actors, etc., and all this wave. Why spend talking to them or seeing if this happened or the other I wonder that time because the place was working daily topic of conversation !! And me? There was only silence me.

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