Sunday, November 8, 2015

Why black celebrities in the US are all with black girls?

Black American celebrities make is none of going to black companions.Those Who Systematically go to Wesley Snipe Such as white are very unpopular.I read an item about it, There A Few Times.
It Seems That in the contracts of Denzel Washington Stipulated That no kissing or making love to a white screen.

The pride of being white black is Greater Than in France or the USA for generations blacks-have Learned to look forward Themselves.HAS is France too complex black citizens. To integrate this Some Will Even whiten skin. This is rice!

Because African-Americans in the US-have a different vision of life, and have done for generations fighting for the recognition of the African-American people Freedoms and civil rights. Until the 60 in the USA, There Was a form of segregation (Apartheid) country blacks, like the One That Existed in South Africa. Hence the black Took Their party and stayed together. The effects are still felt today being white.

We shoulds like you to read the book as"Malcolm X" of Halley Alex, or information about Rosa Parks, the Reverend Jesse Jackson, and others to understand.
At That, in fact it is complicated.It just Makes the story. This is not only in celebrity Aussie goal in real life Among ordinary people in the USA.

And it goes not only to the USA goal Aussie in Brazil, Venezuela, the Caribbean and Caribbean allies.
exclaves at the time, the white man is the master, They view 'em as objects exclaves and women anchor worst kind of sexual object "to be ."
The white man CONSIDER its exclaves women as a kind of Harem, They act Choi SSIS sent women second Their choice. This is very common goal settlers Among farmers in secret They Do It Because ca not say, we aim to know that's all.

That is why the Métis relatives are 99% man and woman planting exclave. Métis at the time have frowned upon condirée And They're the son of the devil for white and Russia Unfortunately for Africans exclaves. excludes the African rancor to live with whites.

The exclave woman Who has crossbreed children is helpless and act abadonné by white settlers Even it is Delivered to Them, managed in the forest. In Brazil and in the southern USA, There Are cities or anchor ago That Métis and out of touch.

Then the XIX women, cleavage is completed, the mestizos and Afro old slaves mélagent and They Will inform em. This forces the mestizo and African women not to marry or "sleep" with the white man.And Among whites, the man Who lies with a non-white woman is regarded unclean.
Everybody knows Que la tradition dies hard shots. here is the reason, by centre oil, are over a white woman with white That no African woman with a non-white women has never forgotten Because Que la white home About did in the past. Even today it exists anchor in France. This is how it happens in the French colonies.

Why There Are the more non-white man with a white woman than vice versa? Because The white woman is more tolerant than men every home!
Racist fame early can Become a tolerant woman after 5 years, she knows how to evolve.
Evolu little man and anchor Persist.

The black France need to be with a white to be socially integrated, whereas in the United State They Have Their Own black elite. Here the non-white women are underrepresented in the media (and yes colonial clichés die hard) while over there They Have Their Own TV's channels, advertisements, and magazines etc ... That all the black beauty woman.

May it not be the only reason, we must not underestimate purpose the power of the media.
African American celebrities are very welded and know Almost all, quite explain Often That They marry enter-them.

And I believe That people like Malcolm X, Louis Farrakhan or still alive or dead were great influences Afro Communities.

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