Tuesday, November 10, 2015

What is men fashion ?

If you want a magazine that shows the current fashion for men for what trends to dress this beloved of men now, things trendy.

The fifties and sixties Gentlemen, have you hurt like me to dress you, especially when sunny days come back?
Hard to find cool clothes and discreet but which are not colored in "flashy" impressions and above whose bosses have evolved so much in recent years.
The size "L", I have to look at this the "XXL", and I am neither very large nor very strong.
I call this very showy and somewhat questionable fashion, "the Marais / Paris".
Fashion is mostly done by gay excuse me the little ... so do not be surprised of questionable clothing style emerging. I think men clothes tend increasingly towards a style said, "metrosexual", the bizarre term for straight people who dress like guys, so effeminate style.
The word "androgynous" is indeed more appropriate.
It is clear that men dress more like women and vice versa. Among the latter it started with the pants.
Vive promiscuity!
Ah? Men also are affected, in-store, this revolt of the "it's the legs that have not chopsticks!"? It reassures me! I wonder where they go for their references for sizes ... It's annoying to have to get in sizes increasingly high without gaining weight! Give me back my 38
 GQ is general, but, unfortunately, it is funded by advertising so that's it's always the same brands and the same styles that come back. If you are more trendy streetwear in a trip, you shoe up. The best is any way specialized websites in fashion depiece NCAP for formal fashion like a truck for the trendiest stuff the US site Superfuture reference

The Gentleman magazine is pretty good and "beautiful" in addition, the kind of magazines that we love to keep. Otherwise, English, The Rake: a lot of advertisements, but the magazine is worth the cost / stroke.

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