Monday, November 16, 2015

What are the things not to do in a job interview

job interview
Hard to tell you why you have not been accepted.It can be for many reasons. You were not the only one to enter the interview, but among many people who have qualities and defects, the recruiter must choose only.

Maintenance is important to show the motivation for the job (motivation "I need to work to earn an income" is not enough). I know it's complicated because the interview was stressful side and that if we came to the interview is that we are interested in the position a minimum, but the recruiter is looking to recruit someone who will want to get involved in his job and in society, and is, therefore, unlikely to look elsewhere and to steer during the probationary period (it must happen from time to time anyway).
That's why they say it's good to ask questions at the end, it shows that we are interested in the position and the company, and that has not only answered the questions without worrying about just what sauce are eaten employees (development opportunities, hierarchical structure, etc.)
Cross your legs or arms, are attitudes which mean contain the on position, the refusal to disclose.
The job interview is often dreaded by many candidates, like a sports competition he does not improvise, on the contrary, it is actively preparing.

chew some gum, say "hello madam or sir," do not answer "yeah" "j'ché pa" and basically it must seem serious in its attitude and presentation.
if your piercing everywhere it was not some simple pleasures.

What you will say during this interview will be as important and crucial as how you say it. Therefore in addition to your skills, your ability to communicate well, to argue and convince will be critical for this exercise

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