Monday, November 9, 2015

What are the rules of playing cricket ?

Cricket are a set of rules codified by the Marylebone Cricket Club (aka MCC), one of the governing bodies of cricket, and published in 1775. They standardize the process and the correction of meetings in two periods over the world.

The rules have changed since the eighteenth century but the following points remain the same:

selection of the first team to batter: draw a coin
Pitch dimensions and placement of the line before the wicket (popping crease)
dimensions stakes and witnesses
bullet weight
number of pitches per inning
rule no ball (throwing illegal)
exit rules drummer
time allocated to the drummer to replace the previous drummer
The rules strictly speaking have a preface, an introduction, a body of 42 regulations and four annexes. The preface deals with the MCC and the history of the rules. The preamble is a recent addition about the spirit of the game. He was Assistant Rules to prevent the development of non sporting practices.

The International Cricket Council (International Cricket Council, ICC) has established, he, standard conditions set for test matches and standard set of Terms and Conditions for One Day Internationals. These two sets of rules are in addition to the rules of the MCC. Similarly, every cricketer country has implemented rules of play for the national meetings

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