Thursday, November 12, 2015

Washing machine not spinning | How empty a washing machine

Washing machine not spinning
You look right machine in your eyes, you try to open a door lying down in front of the machine often have to push, sometimes draw ...
You must find a small plastic tube plugged with a cork. You'll lead him to over a bowl to drain. When complete, commit the cap !!!
You should also find some sort of huge button with either a large slot (eg for a play.) Or a tab.
You unscrewed this thing (often a quarter turn) thou tires to you and you entities: Prévert finds there: a button, a coin, a pin, a screw, a comb-tooth ..... nothing things that block your drain pump.
You clean the thing thoroughly, you leave it well in its original position, you make a prayer to the Almighty, and you commit your machine on quite an early spin.
If that does not work, it is very likely that the drain pump is dead, but it could also be the program (rare).

Empty what's already in the tank hose DISCONNECTED "evacuation of water which is under the sink or under the sink to see if there is not something in and blowing in the pipe while reconnecting and tries to drain again a spinning works and if it does not open the small door at the bottom of the machine and disassemble the Filter clean and well back in before disassembling predict mops

see if the drain hose is not too deep into the rigid pipe vent, sometimes simply clear a bit and it works again

it depends on what brand of machine, it has that drain opening is a plastic nut which is on the bottom and right of the machine .in any case we must look to the filter and clean its c is a failure in the programming

You disconnected your machine (power, water and drain hose) and you bring him outside or near an exhaust grille. You open the cache is from thy filter (at the foot of the machine), then you unfolded the small rubber hose with a butterfly cap that you remove. The water in your machine will run out. Once it no longer flows, you unscrewed the filter (attention put maps because there are still a bit of water that will flow) then you clean your filter and you look in the body of the filter to see and remove dirt that would eventually make it a plug.

we must see if the water drains from your engine, it is a first point if not for quite a machine there is a filter at the bottom of the machine to drain, but this filter does not exist on all brands So not sure about yours.
if no vacuum filter machine by the door as best you can machine and water, and then spin you put in a position to see if she would wring. if so is that your sump pump is blocked .if not is that this is not a problem but evacuation may be your defective engine coals or on an old machine the spin defective capacitor

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