Saturday, November 7, 2015

Shirley Temple and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart | Qualities celebrities about

We could talk about qualities celebrities. So moments but they also have their share of hassles. Some succeed in a second career sometimes with or without connection to the world of artists. This was the case of Shirley Temple in 1958 abandoned his movie star status to undertake other careers (writer and diplomat).some people from the film world like Shirley Temple (1928-) were child prodigies. They had a very rapid rise in this environment. With time and age often their star shines less in this often thankless world. The result is that most of these stars quickly fall into oblivion. These people have good

On the other hand, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1751-1791) died poor despite its fame. He made many music lovers happiness throughout history. During his short life, this fabulous musician composed about 626 musical works (chamber music, opera, minuet, etc.) of great originality. The quality of his music ensured that his name has survived the centuries to get to us. There
direct and indirect contribution of Mozart is remarkable.
He made billionaire musical companies. And contributed (unwittingly) to the fame of many
orchestras and musicians around the world. In a sense, Mozart probably lived a mixture of happiness and sadness. But how (unknowingly) he will make people happy through his music? His music has charmed so many ears and consoled so many hearts.

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