Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Makeup your baby | make your baby awesome

Even if you use good quality products, make-up children should not become a habit. We need to book holidays and other special occasions. ??

Avoid or limit to the strict minimum makeup children under 3 years. For toddlers, it is best to stick to disguises. ??

Do not rely on the word "hypoallergenic" label affixed to some. It just means that the product formulation is designed to minimize the risk of allergy or the self-tests show a very low sensitizing potential. This statement is not regulated, manufacturers that claim it does have an obligation of means, not results. ??

Apply makeup on clean, dry skin. First of all, check, of course, that the child's skin is not already present small pimples or redness. To test his tolerance to the product, it is recommended to perform a test on the hand or the crook of your arm 24 hours before. In all cases, avoid the eye area, where skin is very fragile and sensitive. ??

It is better to water the shadows rather than fatty products. Palletised or pencils of many colors in pots or individual tubes, they have the advantage of drying quickly and does not stain. Easily removed, they are spread on the skin but also to brush the sponge and the finger. ??

At the end of the day, carefully remove makeup with soap and water and remove remaining traces with cotton soaked cleansing milk. You can also complete the operation by applying a moisturizer. ??

After use, clean your makeup equipment. Brushes and sponges should be washed thoroughly with warm water and soap, then rinsed and dried before storage. The blushers, palettes and pencils should also be cleaned with a sponge after use. ??

Note the opening dates on the packaging and observe the maximum duration of use after opening (PAO) indicated. In the absence of this mention, do not keep the product more than a few months. Also be sure to always store the makeup in a cool, dry place with lid tightly closed. Discard products that smell rancid or musty.

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