Thursday, November 12, 2015

iPhone 5 Free Mobile Package € 19.90

If you want to take a Free Mobile Package € 19.90 (I think it's that price), with your iPhone 5 and you wonder Does the network is good? Free Mobile he has a network that captures well and good internet?

iPhone 5 Free Mobile Package
  Personally, I had an iPhone 5 with the Orange network now I switched to Free (2 months ago) and the network is always top but a little slower than Orange (for example, to load a web page with Orange, it took 5-6 seconds and Free is 10-11 seconds) but it's not too important. If not for the network. calls going very well, no problems (at last two months, there have been two calls that did not ring may be because network overload?) and for SMS sending and reception are super fast ( but I practically uses iMessage). HOWEVER in the App store is super super slow since flange Free flow ... So the app store to download an application (10 MB), it takes 20 minutes while WiFi is 1 2 minutes.

free, his life depends on you or if your city are covered by the free network, but if then takes the free passes orange leaves fell. A network of research done manually with your current mobile operators you'll spend with you

At first, a lot of problem of undelivered or pure issue calls to the hours "peak" (I'm working on Lille)

But now I have no more problems and the internet works nickel.

Well there is always anti free to tell you that this is the Orange . but frankly, I also lost calls but strangely, nobody talks about. And I reduced my bill by 50% (€ 15.99 I'm)

I can only advise you this site where you will find all the information you want

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