Sunday, November 8, 2015

I am with famous celebrity and get autographs

I also often dream that I am with celebrities and it's nice to dream about that because it's like the dream that girl that you dream of being every day, looking for me has several meanings One is that you might not feel so loved in your social environment and to compensate you live imagining the world with celebrities thanks to television and think people really would love you they are, because maybe you have a great respect for you yourself and you love to imagine everyday life in the world full of friends who are celebrities and you're so. Another is that it could also be that you have looked forward to in the future as you pass to get you nice things or relations.Vivir best things in heaven and we all like to dream that he is very cute. But also due to our visual memory as we can dream any nonsense we've seen on TV or on The internet.The dreams because your visual memory (view) is the visual memory allows us to remember or colors, altitudes, distances, etc. scientists have a theory (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT) dreams are things that can happen in el`` futuro'' or already experienced or as your mind pleases you but it is very unlikely that your mind will indulge scientists believe that many of the dreams come true one day is as a view into the future by the way if not once a horrible figure in appearance if not in soul and spirit have nightmares or someone beautiful as I said before apparently not in soul and spirit have dreams Scientists also believe that dreams are as calls if you dream of someone he or she also dreams about you
mm in this case the person does not dream of you but maybe I dream of you maybe you become a better star they maybe want your autograph because if you know how it is one or a potential explanation star: Many celebrities are not quite believed Most good but sees Miranda Cosgrove is therefore not believed what I can tell you hojala Take care and if your dream become a reality if it becomes reality send me an autograph lol XD

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