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How to draw an eye | Drawing a Realistic Human Eye

STEP ONE: start by drawing the synopsis, this can be a fast graph, but  sufficient detail to display the structure. Make sure you don’t make the synopsis too dark or else you will have an synopsis in the end. The three round circles close to the puppet will be light source reflections.

STEP TWO: Using your organic pencil paint the lines that you see around the area that was  shadowy before, try to make them fast and light. If they are  lamely, it would be much better. These lines will  dish up as a conductor of highlights and shadowy that the rainbow has. From the  mention picture of the eye above, you can see that the rainbow is full of highlights and shadowy 
STEP THREE: Using your organic pencil lightly fill in the field  in the region of the  marionette. Then with with the  stock blend from the  center of the marionette out. This will also draw  few dark from the center of the marionette, giving that field some shadows.

STEP FOUR: outside layers of the iris in the rest of the iris, adding these shadows to give Iris a lot more depth. Lightly draw them and sit between the dark area. No need to put the shadows in every way, only random areas.

STEP FIVE:Using the bracket to pull the edge of the outside of the interior. This gives a nice model, and a guide and an outer region of the shadows. Make sure you are in the shadow of the highlights or else lose them. You can always remove after these areas so they tend to be just as bright. Now you can begin to see eye to life, stratification is a big part of pencil drawing and learning what's going on at the top and at the bottom is very important. It may take some time to go through all these steps, but time will pay off in the end. During practice, it is easier with each.

STEP SIX:Now, a mixing zone, as described in the previous stage. If it is not dark enough to simply put the pen and mixed with it, it looks like the image above. From the previous step we stopped some of the highlights from the kneaded eraser. Now darken random use some of the highlights of the mechanical pencil. Thus some of the highlights much more and also add some shadows opens. Outline the edges of that area, this makes it stand out. Using a blender mix outer edge of the pupil. Do not mix too much, just enough for the head of the highlights blend nicely.

STEP SEVEN: Use the stylus to draw the shape, shown in the picture above, you not have to look exactly, but it must be random. Do not draw the outline too dark, enough for you to see. It darkens the area under the scheme, do not do too much too dark that stands out from the rest of the iris. Mix a little in some areas for mixing a little rest of the iris.

STEP EIGHT: Kneaded using an eraser more about some of the highlights of the outer iris. These highlights were higher than those in the center. You can also do some of the names that begin with the extreme outer edge of the pupil of the rainbow, but do not make too many of these.

STEP NINE: From the previous step we add the best times to go straight down here to add the highlights of the angle kneaded eraser. You'll make an underscore in a "W" just to make enough to allow the texture of the iris. Once you've done these highlights, you can add shadows, some of these highlights. In the picture above you can see a very clear 'W', listed below, you can see the darker area, is the shadow of this outstanding. Add to these the shadows around some of the highlights of the iris, not all of them do random as possible. Using blender color, mix the ends of the highlights for white lines not shown aspects. This step also started working on the sclera, which is white silmään.Kärki of the mixer must still some graphite,  so use that to put down some graphite around the sclera like the image above. The two circles that you see on the right side will that will suggest wetness.

STEP TEN: A pencil is taken, dark shadows along the edges of the iris. Add some dark lines between some of the highlights of the highlights so you can go further. At this point, you can also try the highlights, add or remove. Now we have the basic structure of the iris, from now we can begin to darken the size of the iris by increasing light graphite layers with a 2H pencil. If you are drawing and the eye is blue, green or white, you can leave this way. They are also sometimes that's the shade below the eyebrow and above the lashes. Kneaded using an eraser, you can remove stains from dazzling mix them together.

STEP ELEVEN: Here obscure the iris. Before we do that, we will add some eyelashes reflections, it is not necessary to add this to the drawings, but if the picture is large enough for you. Within 3 dazzling places you can make some reflections tabs. Reflection tabs appear on the surface of the eye due to the reflex points are at the top and are white, you can draw the tabs advice. Once done, you can gently put a layer size of a 2H pencil iris. This darkens the highlights, the top of the iris to darken a little more, because this part is a little darker, because the shadows of the top of the eye and eyelashes. I added some other details, like the reflections of the corner of his eyes. With the pencil 2h I also added some light on the blood vessels that run out of the corners of the eyes. These small details

STEP TWELVE: The tabs are added, take a look at an angle which are written, they have not been straight down, except for those in the middle. They feel attracted by the latter, as they are turned on and other features. Kneaded using an eraser, you can add some of the highlights, which would be about hair reflects little light. You can play with them to get a lot of realism. Just make sure the curve of them, are not straight. They do not have much in the center of the curve as it seeks directly to them.

STEP THIRTEEN:  Now add the lower eyelashes, these should be a bit lighter so you can use a 2h pencil to draw them or use the mechanical pencil and then use an edged kneaded eraser to tap along the hair to remove some graphite. Like the top eyelashes, the center ones curve down and you go either left or right so you start to see the curve on the hair.

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