Sunday, November 8, 2015

How to contact with your fevered celebrity ?

I do not think it's possible to have the direct email address of a celebrity. Some have too many messages! More known, the more they are inaccessible.
There are some alternatives, but you need a lot of luck:

MAIL: Most famous people do not respond themselves and hardly read. But in some cases, they are family members or friends who care and defer the best letters to the celebrity in question. we must inquire as to who handles the mail.

The Official sites: Some celebrities are going time to time to read some messages.
Also, some stars (mostly English) have an account on such spaces. We can leave messages. But I do not know if they are read. And there is always the possibility of meeting an acquaintance of a celebrity but.I doubt that this message help, but at least I tried.

Do not dream. At least to be part of the entourage of the actor or meet him and sympathize with him (if it can happen), hard to get his email address.By cons, you can search the address of the person you want to contact Agent and send a letter, maybe he will read

often celebrities have websites, you make search google or yahoo to grace, one must verify that this is THEIR site and not a fan site. On their website, there is sometimes possible to leave a message.

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