Monday, November 16, 2015

Higher study for the international trade .

Higher study for the international trade
first outlets are in transit companies. the priority sector is the international trade where you have notions of management and marketing, but coefficients are in the priority subjects such as international economics or customs operations. but BCQ students obtain positions in these companies after studying management sector, the counted or marketing because it makes us forget the various departments (marketing, accounting, finance, and administration). in these fields, you will always have the concepts of international trade worry
in your place, I would choose the management because you have all the necessary concepts and information regarding the enterprise and you will passe-partout
you specialize in logistics of international trade as there are:
- Transportation (costs and insurance)
- The containerisation and traceability
- Transport contracts (especially maritime)
- Incoterms
- Banks and payment methods: convertible currencies and in 2 cases against non-convertible currency convertible (how it goes?)
- Customs procedures and the customs value
this is what you must have in your head to know how to negotiate the purchase, transport and routing modes
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or ideally IUT GEA Tech Co and tray + 2 contest gateway to ESC.
that said breaker is false, there is the future, it is the national trade which is screwed
Exchange branch, the future is not reassuring given the crises that follow in all countries worldwide;) lol

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