Saturday, November 7, 2015

Car oil leaking problem | Car lower oil level

Your lower oil level ?

Put cardboard under your car when you come in the evening to
see the morning if you have oil leaks.

if you have, check your oil pan gasket, your sump plug gasket,
check hither thy oil seal or lip seal

if oil existence of the breather, then segmentation again!

Spend your finger on the release of your pot and watch and feel.
Either you look at the color of the smoke out of your exhaust!

If your oil is burned, CA confirms that worn segments.
But can also be your shirts is there because it can be an engine block!

If you have a good mechanic on hand, you order at
an equipment manufacturer, an engine (shirts + + pistons segments), a complete seal pouches, games rod bearings and bearing and lateral wedges.

Take advantage of in order for the belt distribution and water pump

You will have enough to redo everything your engine new real cheap provided you have a mechanical pot to fix it !

Take his calculator and see if the total cost is cheaper than buying a new used car .. or a used engine in a break area!

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