Friday, November 6, 2015

Car engine problem | when i start the car engine noiseing

when I start the car, engine noise on the right side is heard, like a shriek, which could be

1.It may be rubbed with a belt pulley, in this case, you'll need to take a WD 40, or the like lubricant, and the annoying noise disappears

2.noise can be a dunk pulley and belt slippage when passing through the pulley does not rotate

3.if severe could certainly be a lack of lubrication, if severe definitely consider it to be the Bendix that thundered gears or deformed.

4. Oil Change Ford uses "Motorcraft" sees a ford auto parts and calls the original for your car which is what you already mentioned. (It costs less than 500 pesos)

5. Sometimes it happens that is not the engine is a hopper or skewers or screw that noise produced by the engine must be tested with the flat screwdriver trying to put pressure on suspicious part

6. Sometimes it is a mechanism of the air conditioner, gas purification filter or worn water pump all react to the acceleration of the car.

7. Has a test using premium gasoline if you have removed sometimes happens that is bad and lasts for a few days petrol (gas spends brings and put 150 pesos)

8. Check your spark plugs if you do not know how good or bad spark plug, change them of place and the sound changes if it is to be one. (Nothing)

9. It can be a spark plug cable test as a bona dolls or moving if you notice changes the noise can be a cable. (Nothing)

10. Try changing the fuel filter. (90 pesos)

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