Saturday, November 7, 2015

Car battery problem I Car better not working

Test your battery made by the garage is HS a battery has a life of + - 4 years

The low winter temperatures that has had to have wronged as the battery

Go to the garage you are changing the battery and alternator control that is supposed you charge the car, he'll have a priori the change

Clamping problem lugs. It can also what it lacks water, remember to check the levels. in the case of addition to water .votre made alternator are working properly ? for whether it is a diesel, simply unplug the terminal less with the engine running. If the motors stalls, the alternator does not play are role is to supplement the battery recharging see if any. if it is a petrol engine made control your battery and alternator, not a mechanic.

The simplest would be to try this battery on another car, pay attention you can put your car down in inhibiting all electronics, is a radical way to know if there are the same phenomena on the other vehicle.

It must have a failed system to see if the alarm yen at one or other electronic. (PA)
1 when changing battery always keep the warranty, poor manufacturing can make it let go from one moment to the next.

It may be that instead of discharging it does not load properly when driving.

A small control the alternator, regulator and the auxiliary belt (the one that causes the alternator) will set quickly on what should be done.

A battery, even from home ... Speed ​​takes (on my ZX TD) 4-5 years. My vehicle sleeps outside, whatever the weather, and especially by all the cold, including rain and snow.

The life of a battery is 2ans lower heating, sound system in the trunk, anti-fog with full headlights. and if not done checking your alternator

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