Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Can I change milk without problems for a baby a year ?

Recommended to change in very small (I give him Guigoz since the decision of the oil laid Ment to 5 months), but it will pass on milk, I wonder if it ' is not too bad considering his age, or if I continue on the same brand. Thank you for your answers.
This is not a cost issue, but I saw that there conditioning after milk "bottle", super handy when you're not at home.

If milk ready for use now exists for all ages..chez guigoz..et yes I have seen with Cora as recently as last week. For the rest: do not change when baby milk has specific needs: comfort milk, AR . for those who drink milk "normal" do not take your head.

feeding a child a year he changed a varied diet so yes you can change . spend a large area of milk and especially less expensive . having said selected good quality and talk has your doctor for advice.

If you are not paid attention to milk that I gave him and never had any problems and I've tried several different brands.
A year can pass your daughter milk Growth milk or even "normal" visit doctor: "any person who drank cow's milk has a deficiency when dietary diversification has begun."
From what is seen as depending on what your doctor told you but know that the brands of milk and other baby food products paid seminars in dream places our doctors and that in so doing I have serious doubts about their objectivity on the matter.

Test and see how she will react. Go slowly

I think the change of milk will not now problematic as food begins to be varied. rest in milk mothered all the same (2nd age)

Monitors just his digestion (stool what) just to check if there is not an impact.

As you say it is not advisable especially if the milk suits him well, why change (about price ??) it can give diarrhea or other inconveniences . does not change milk without medical advice. only a doctor can advise you do not take a single decision, it's important.

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