Tuesday, November 10, 2015

All about Women's fashion

Women's fashion is made and does not represent a twig Women ... What is your ideal woman?
This question is - if possible WOMEN ONLY - do not cheat! Through your hidden nicknames!
Gentlemen, be nice and let players "these areas for Women!
As for women, thank you wholeheartedly respond with maximum sincerity!
 There is no ideal woman. I find the fact stupid to tell every turn twigs that are not real women to counter the demonization of plump women. All women, when they do not fall into the extreme sickly, are beautiful in style. A thin woman is feminine in its delicacy, a round woman is feminine by its voluptuousness. What is important is to feel yourself pretty. From here not only the looks on change itself but also we no longer feel the need to look ridiculous to others.
there is no ideal and ac ts areas ... but what makes a woman is his brain, his way of thinking and acting, its delicacy and sensitivity but also his strength, otherwise the pr height, weight, chest ........... pfft is that the packing list and that's bete to judge the physical basis as I ca not deny that the guys joue..mais when they approach a girl they rely too much on the size and everything ... you have to give a chance to form ...
I also think that the important thing is to be well in its strong or thin skin.
If it has a little butt and breasts it looks better too. There are strong women who wear fine if they lost 20 kgs their charm would disappear.
I found a pretty woman if it is vain if she dresses so as to emphasize.
I think that even thin one is never really satisfied with what one is, as one would like bead not have .... You can always benefit: to exercise to build muscles, a nice view smile. Some men prefer thin and other ones that are coated. Fortunately, all tastes are in nature
I did 1m65 for 62 kg .... what bothers me most is my legs, I consider myself not as big but I have stretch marks on the cell's legs and a huge bulge at the knee .. .. even doing sports ca not hand it also told me that it's related to a hormonal problem that I have for years, but today treated traces remain - I think I'm good for a liposuction, I support me like this
It should already a woman feel good about herself. If it is, it will look blossomed whether skinny or fat. Then it's a matter of taste, some prefer to have and assume the forms and others are rather thin and assume great too. Now, I prefer thin women or twigs rather than fat girls. I'm tall nor big nor thin, I'd rather be thinner too well but I like to live for it! I like good meal washed down with a good wine. But I workout to balance. What I can not stand it is the girls who complain about their kilos and eat anything anytime and that never move. As for the girls who say the day head "oh I'm fat" just to hear him say, oh but you have not seen the body you have "no comments!
but you ? what do you think ? it is also interesting to know what men think!

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