Thursday, November 5, 2015

17 Common car problem solution | Fast check to buy second hand car

1. Central locking does not work - pneumatic pump central lock broken

2. Central locking does not work or works very slowly - A lost cuff closure - Check circuit closure and change sleeve if applicable.

3. Interior lights do not come on when you open the door. - Faulty door sensor-. Change the sensor.

4. The witness does not turn off battery at start - Alternator shabby - change alternator.

5. The witness does not turn off battery at start - Worn brushes alternator - change alternator brushes.

6. The witness does not turn off battery at start - Cable spoiled alternator - Check wiring. Show:Brico change alternator

7. The windows do not rise with one touch (as before) - deprogramming power windows by disconnecting the battery sporadic - Reprogram the windows (Generlamente about closing the windows and once in that position, press to raise the windows for a second, see model and mode).

8. Difficult to start (looks slow starter) - Battery in the past - Change the battery.

9. Difficult to start - or injectors heaters - heaters or nozzles Change

10. When the ignition key does nothing (just the box lights up) after a week stopped - Battery discharged - Recharge the battery. If it happens again, the battery should be replaced.

11. When the ignition key does nothing, but after about 10-20 seconds to keep the key turned butt, boots normally (usually when the car is cold and takes a couple of days stopped) - clausor - Change switch clausor

12. Brake light always on - switch on the brake pedal defective - Replace switch

13. The car stops after start - Bowler immobilizer defective - Change bowler (usually located around the ignition key)

14. The car stops after start - Module immobilizer shabby - Change module. (In some Audis, this module is inside and inseparably instrument panel)

15. The car stops after start - Chip key defective - Test with another key. If that works, obtaining a new key (takes a month approx) and you can only apply for dealer.

16. Intermittent crazy - broken relay - Switching relay (button on the warning)
* The intermittent flashes faster than usual - cast light, usually warns the FIS - Change blown lamp.

17. Front and rear light does not come on the same side. - Fuse in disrepair - Change fuse 5A

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