Sunday, July 26, 2015

X-Cleaner / X-Scan

1. To get to xScan open up Internet Explorer and navigate to and wait until the information bar pops up (as seen in the following image). Click anywhere on the bar that appears to open up a small menu, from that menu click on INSTALL ACTIVEX CONTROL. Continue to the next screen

2.  After you click on the prompt a new window will pop up asking you if you want to install the ActiveX control again. Click on  INSTALL to continue.

3. xScan will now scan your computer for adware and malware as seen in this image. Continue to the next screen.

4.  If xScan finds any spyware on your computer you will get a warning window like in the image below, click on REMOVE IT to continue 

5.  The next screen that pops up is a prompt to create a restore point, but since at the beginning of this  tutorial we disabled system restore you can just click NO to continue

6.  Keep removing any other spyware/ malware that the program finds until it brings up a window asking you to reboot, as seen in the following image. Click on YES to  REBOOT and then you are finished with this step.

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