Sunday, July 26, 2015

Startup & System Processes

1.  Take a look at your system tray and see if there’s a lot of icons in there.

2.  The Startup folder is one that all users should be able to access. To get to the System Startup Folder click on:  START > ALL PROGRAMS > STARTUP this list should be (EMPTY) as seen in the next image, the pro- grams that put themselves in here aren’t needed by Windows so you can just delete them. Examples of these programs are ADOBE READER SPEED LAUNCHER and LIMEWIRE ON STARTUP. These just slowdown the startup process and bog down your computer.  Delete them and continue on to the next screen.

3.  System Configuration Utility (also known as MSCONFIG) – This is a hidden utility that you can use to disable any hidden programs that are running in the background. 
To get to the System Configuration Utility, first open up the START menu and then click on RUN

4.  Type msconfig in the next window that pops up and then click on OK

5.  The System Configuration Utility window should pop up now.  Click on the STARTUP tab to continue.

6. In this next window will be a list of programs that start up when your com- puter starts up, some of these programs start up and then stop right away. Others will start up and run in the background while your computer is on. These programs also slow your computer down quite a bit. Continue to the next screen.

7.  Open up a webpage, assuming that you now have an internet connection, and go to CHECK ALL of the items that show up in this list by  typing them into the box and then click on FIND.

8.  The next page that pops up should have a safety level for each of the items that you check out, if all the items are safe then you have nothing to worry about, but if any of the items come up with anything more serious then you should disable the item, but first you should read why it has a higher rating.

9.  A little further down the webpage will be a description of the process that you searched for and a recommendation of what to do with the file. This file for exam- ple tells you that you should not disable this program from running because it is required for essential applications to work properly. Leave the checkbox on and move on to the next item in the list.

10. You may not have to disable any programs or you might have to disable a lot of them. Click on APPY then OK to continue.

11.  Click on RESTART in the next window to restart your computer with the new startup options, when the computer restarts check re- check MSCONFIG to see if the items that you disabled did not come back, if they did come back then disable them again and RE- START.

12.  Verify that these programs have stopped loading at Windows startup by going into the msconfig utility again. The majority of speed will return after you have done the ad-ware scans.  This step just ensures that your computer will be as fast as we can get it. You are now done with this step.

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