Sunday, July 26, 2015

Spybot S&D (Search & Destroy)

1.  Spybot Search & Destroy is another free program downloadable from the internet. The easiest way to download this program is to navigate to and type in Spybot in the search field near the top, as shown in the next image. Click on GO to continue to the next webpage.

2.  Navigate down the next webpage till you see this listing. Click on DOWNLOAD NOW to start downloading the install file.

3.  Click SAVE in the next window to save to install file to your computer and proceed to next window.

4.  Same procedure as when we downloaded Ad- Aware, click the down  arrow (1) to bring up the drop down list, click on desktop (2) to choose the desktop as your save  location and then click on SAVE (3) to start downloading the file.

5.  When the file is done downloading you can choose to RUN the program now or CLOSE and run this program later. The programs name is spybotsd14.exe if you decide to run it later.

6. Click RUN to start the  installation process or double click on the file, you’ll most likely end up with a security window. Click ‘Run’ to  continue with the install.

7.  Choose English as your  language, this is usually already  selected as the default then click OK.

8.  Click NEXT on this next window that pops up and you should come up the license agreement.

9.  You have to select I ACCEPT THE AGREE- MENT before the faded letters will let you continue on with the installment.

10.  After you select accept, you will be able to continue with the installation. Click NEXT to continue on.

11. Continue clicking on NEXT using all the default values until you come to the next screen. Click on finish to end the installation and to start up Spybot for the first time.

12.  Click OK on the next warning.

13.  Setup starts and you’ll have to go through a couple steps before the scan starts. The first step is to create a registry backup as shown here. Click on CREATE REGISTRY BACKUP, wait until it finishes what it’s doing then click on NEXT.

14.  The next step updates the definitions file; if you have access to the internet then you can click SEARCH FOR UP- DATES, if you don’t have ac- cess to the internet at the mo- ment then just click NEXT, go on to the next step if you have internet access

15.  If you search for updates then the bottom button will be- come clickable, click on DOWNLOAD ALL AVAILABLE UPDATES to continue.

16. Another warning may pop up after the updates are auto installed, click OK to continue.

17.  The main windows for Spybot should come up now, click on CHECK FOR PROBLEMS to start the scanning process.

18.  Spybot will scan and end up at this screen listing all of the things that it found on your computer, this list could be long or small, de- pending on how infected the computer is. All of the items in the list will be auto- matically selected so you can just click on FIX SE- LECTED PROBLEMS to continue.

19.  This warning is just telling you that it is going to delete these files, click on YES to continue on.

20.  Next is a confirmation window telling you that it has finished its job, click on OK to continue on.

21.  Click on the X in the top right hand corner of the program window to finish with this step.

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