Monday, July 27, 2015

Restart System Restore

1.  To get back to system restore click on  START > CONTROL PANEL  as shown in the following image.

2.  In the next window that pops up double click on SYSTEM to open up the SYSTEM PROPER- TIES. Continue on to the next image.

3. Click on the SYSTEM RESTORE tab to continue.

4.  UNCHECK the box beside TURN OFF SYSTEM RE- STORE ON ALL DRIVES, click on APPLY then click on OK. You are now finished all that should be needed for basic computer optimization. READ the follow- ing text about Advanced com- puter problems before exiting.

5.  Every once and a while you will run into programs that you can’t get rid of us- ing these methods. This is where Google comes in handy, type in any messages that you get using quotations. An exam- ple of this would be winstall, this program uses fake taskbar alerts that pop up in the bottom right hand corner of your screen as seen in the following image.

6.  You would go to Google and type in “your computer is infected” and “windows had detected spyware infection” read around some of the forums that come up and see if anyone has a fix for this. This program I know is called winstall, it took me quite a bit of reading before I was able to remove it, but if you ever come across this  infection Google winstall or smitfraudfix and the first webpage should be what you are looking for. There will always be some things that will take you a while to remove, that is normal, just use Google to track down any fixes that might be out for that certain  infection. 
There are some sites that will tell you edit the registry to fix some problems.  Editing the registry is a last resort. You can seriously mess up a computer if the registry is improperly edited.  Only do these steps if you are an advanced computer technician who knows how to recover from registry errors.

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