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1. To get to Disk Defragmenter click on  START > ALL PROGRAMS > ACCESSORIES > SYSTEM TOOLS > DISK DE- FRAGMENTER.  Continue on to the next screen.

2.  The next window that pops up is the disk defrag- menter main window, highlight the drive that has Windows loaded on it, usually C, and then click on analyze to scan the file system. Continue on to the next screen. 

3.  The program will scan the file system and report back to you if you need to defragment the drive or if you don’t have to. Click on DEFRAGMENT to continue. 

4. The program will defrag un- til it gets all the files in as much of an order as it can, while it is defragging you will see the program in action in the form of two graphics with various lines of color.  Continue on to the next image.

 5.  The next screen will pop up after the computer has finished defragging the hard drive. Click on CLOSE and continue to the next screen.

6.  The next screen that pops up is the original screen. Click on DEFRAGMENT again and again until this process takes less then 1 minute to complete.  That way you know it is really defragmented. The following two images show the result from beginning to end. 

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