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1. To access the Disk Clean-Up, click on  START > ALL PROGRAMS > ACCESSORIES > SYSTEM TOOLS > DISK CLEANUP Proceed to the next screen.

2.  You may get an option to choose which drive to perform the cleanup on. If you have more than one HDD (Hard Disk Drive) in the computer you are working on, choose the drive that your Windows system is loaded on.   Usually the C: drive.  Proceed to the next screen.

3. The next screen that pops up is just the system scanning for all the files that I can remove safely, no in- tervention is needed here. Proceed to the next screen.

4.  The next screen that pops up give you a list of choices as to what you want to cleanup or delete from your computer, don’t worry, none of these files are essential to your computer’s ability to run, these are just so you can. Put a check in all of the boxes to clean up all unnecessary files from your computer then click on OK to continue.

5.  Click on YES in the next screen to continue.

6.  The computer will perform all the actions that you have selected and clean up all the junk files that it found, you don’t have to do anything while this process is on. No other window will open up; you are now done with this step.

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