Sunday, July 26, 2015

Disable System Restore

Disable System Restore
1. Bring up the START MENU by clicking on the start button in the bot- tom left hand side of your computers desktop, shown in the following pic- ture. From here, click on CONTROL PANEL. If you are using the classic Start menu you may need to click on Settings after “Start” and then Control Panel.

2. This will bring up the control panel, a window with icons to various  programs useful to the Microsoft® Windows XP user. As shown in the following screen we want to double- click on the SYSTEM icon.  If you do not see the Control Panel exactly as  pictured here, you can switch to Clas- sic View by click “Switch to Classic View” on the left task pane.

3. In this next screen that pops up, you will need to select the SYSTEM  RESTORE tab.

4.  When you get to the next screen, click in the check box beside TURN OFF SYSTEM RESTORE ON ALL DRIVES.  If there is already a check mark in the box, please skip to next step.

5.  The word APPLY should go from faded to black lettering as shown in the next screen, click on APPLY.

6.  The next screen that comes up after you click on ap- ply will be a system restore warning, this warning tells you that the computer will be deleting all previous restore points that it has created. Click on YES in this box.

7. Then it should take you back to system restore screen, note that the status off all your drives will be set to TURNED OFF, if you have more than one drive in your computer like I do then you will see multiple drives with this status. CLICK on OK to finish this step.

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