Monday, July 27, 2015

Computer Problems solution

Troubleshooting is the process of figuring out how to solve a computer problem. Even with the most updated software and hardware, occasionally computers can malfunction. 
In order to solve a problem, you must figure out which part of the system is malfunctioning. You will need to check each component of the computer, unless it is obvious where the problem is coming from. Isolating the problem will help you solve the problem quickly. Knowing how to solve these problems with a shortcut perhaps using only a few keys on the keyboard can save time and effort.  
Backing up your important computer files to another source will ensure that if your problem cannot be corrected, you will still have a safe copy of your information.  
Basic Troubleshooting Steps
1. Close open programs and windows you are not currently using.  
2. Make sure all of your cords are connected properly.  
3. Try to repeat the sequence of commands you performed before the problem occurred. See if this causes the same response by your computer.
4. Press the F1 key to access the Help window. You can search for a solution to your problem once the Help window appears.
5. If there is an error message, record the full message for future reference.  
6. Restart your computer to see if it clears the problem. To restart your computer, open the start window and select the Restart button instead of the Log Off button.
7. If restarting the computer does not clear the problem, shut down the computer and then start it back up again.
8. If the issue is still not resolved, check the common technology issues below or call your system administrator.
Common Technology Issues
 Below we describe some of the most commonly encountered technology issues.  Click on the issue to get more information on possible solutions to correct the problem.
The printer is not working.
  • The computer is frozen. A program is not responding. 
  • The keyboard is not working. 
  • New hardware or software is working incorrectly. 
  • The mouse is not working. 
  • The computer is slow. 
  • The browser’s homepage suddenly changed.  

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