Friday, July 24, 2015

Blogging For Beginners

Blogging can be fun, and lucrative, but also very challenging. What are the challenges facing todays bloggers? If your just starting out picking a lucrative evergreen niche that will be around for years to come can be your meal ticket for long term blogging success. You do not want to pick a niche that has a limited shelf life. You will only make some quick cash from your efforts not build a sustainable long term Home Based Business. So ask yourself these questions?  Do you want to be a one hit wonder like Milli Vanilli? Or do you want to set up a long term sustainable cash cow from your blogging efforts that can earn you a nice residual income on autopilot for years, and years to come? The answer should be a No – Brainer! Build an online business on a solid foundation, and your blog will reward you by putting extra money in your bank account, and can also put you on the fast track to success by one day ditching your day job. Maybe one day you can call yourself a full time internet marketer – Blogger. I bet that brought a smile to your face! If everything is done properly of course. And you do not build your online business on quicksand, by hosting your money making blog on a free hosting platform like blogger.  Blogger is free for a reason people they have a lot of drawbacks which I will discuss later in this post.  
Here Are A Few Tips To Monetize Your Blog Properly. And Make More Money From Your Blogging Efforts.
1. Pick a niche that is gonna be around for years to come like the internet marketing niche, make money online niche, relationship niche, beauty niche, dating niche, the list goes on and on. These are just a few examples of evergreen niches that will be around for years to come, that are good topics to base your blog around. Ask yourself what am I interested in?
2. Pick a topic to base your blog around that you are passionate about. You will earn more money in the long run and it will be easier for you to write about and update your blog posts on  a daily basis if possible. C’mon your no dummy pick something you love talking about.
3. Do your keyword research – I use the Google adwords keyword research tool to find keywords that are highly searched with low competition. These are the keywords you are targeting and even more so if your a beginner and your just learning blogging. You have to build your blogs firepower in the serps or (search engine ranking positioning) before you can go after highly competitive keyword phrases. And even then I would recommend longer keyword terms to target which is a whole new post altogether. Think about it for a second what is the use of blogging for money if no one can find your blog posts? The Internet is a huge, huge, place. And it gets bigger and bigger by the minute. Your goal should be to find long tail keyword phrases to target that are highly searched with low competition. Your goal is to land on the first page of Google for your blog posts title. Traffic is the key to online success, if you do not have any traffic, you will not make any money blogging. Remember that last point all you beginners and dummies out there new to blogging. ( Take the dummy comments all in good fun I know your smart )
4. Monetize your blog with affiliate links related to your blogs niche, adsense ads, and build an email list a.s.a.p if you have not done so already. I recommend Aweber they are my first choice in autoresponders. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Diversifying your income streams is the key to long term online success.
For You Dummies, And Beginners Who Are New To Affiliate Marketing. A Few Recommended Affiliate Programs For You To Sign Up With.  
A. Clickbank
B. Pepperjam Network
C. Linkshare
D. Rapbank
E. Amazon
F. Commission Junction
5. Again as a quick refresher for you beginners. Pick keyword phrases that are highly searched with low competition. Get on that first page of Google, be found, and watch your blogs traffic go up and up. Remember targeted search engine traffic is the best kind of traffic that your blog can possibly get. These people are actively searching for what your blog has to offer.
( Beginners ) Why Blogger Is Not Your Smartest Bet If You Plan On Making Money Blogging For The Long Haul? First off if you plan on being cheap and going the free route let me warn you be prepared! Google owns your blog and they can unleash their wrath at any given moment. Are you prepared to leave all your hours of hard work blogging in someone elses hands? And god forbid you are making some money blogging. I have had two blogs deleted in the past so I
speak from experience. If you violate blogger terms of service in any way. Which change on a whim by the way. Then guess what? They can delete your blog just like that bye bye! See ya later! Who cares how much work you have put into your blog. That was the risk you took when you put all your time and effort into something that you do not control in the first place! My point do not build your online business on quicksand. You may be a beginner but your no dummy right? Invest in yourself, and invest in your future. Start a self hosted WordPress blog and do things right from the start. This way you can sleep easier at night knowing that this can’t happen. You control your blogs content, and you control your blogs future. That is how blogging is supposed to be done by being smart, and using your head. Promote what you want, when you want. Now that is freedom! Feel free to add your affiliate products, links, or banners. Google adsense ads, Kontera links.  Feel free to start that mailing list so you can build a real legitimate online business from all you blogging efforts. Why not you earned it. You have officially graduated from a beginner dummy blogger to a smart blogger. The choice is inevitably yours are you gonna be in the internet marketing field for the long term? Or are you willing to roll the dice with your blog by leaving all your blogs juicy content in a third parties hands? The choice is all yours I layed out all the facts. Now it is up to you to make a wise one.

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