Sunday, July 26, 2015

Antivirus Scan using AVG

1.  Open up a new web browser and navigate to or you can “Google” AVG FREE and it will be the first website that pops up. Once you get to there, the page should look like the following im- age, click on AVG ANTI-VIRUS FREE to continue.

2.  Navigate down on the next page and click on the following image to continue.

3.  Navigate down the next page and you should see something like the following image. There are other versions for different operating systems but the one we want is under the Windows operating system. Here you will see the file name of the download files and the current version of the program. CLICK on the file name to start the download process.

4.  Here you can choose to open the file and install right away or save the file for installing later on. Click on SAVE to continue.

5.  Choose a good place to save this file so that you can locate it later on, most people usually save these files to the desktop. CLICK on SAVE to continue.

6.  After the program is fin- ished downloading CLICK on CLOSE and find the file that you downloaded. If you downloaded to the desktop then that’s where the file should be located.

7. The downloaded file will look like the following image. Once you know where this file is then it is easier to copy the file and move it to another computer for scanning. DOUBLE CLICK on the file to start the installation.

8.  Click on RUN to continue when the security warning pops up.

9.  The first window in the installation process should look like the following image. Click on NEXT to continue.

10.  This next screen is the license agreement, you have to accept this license in order to continue install- ing AVG. Click on ACCEPT to continue.

11.  Next the pro- gram will check you system to see if it is ready to install AVG.

12.  We want to install us- ing the standard installation, in the next windows that pop up, click on NEXT on the windows that pop up and then click FINISH.

13. You have successfully installed AVG anti-virus free edition, the next steps will explain how anti virus programs work and how to keep them updated.

14.  After you click OK then the main program will start up and an automatic configuration utility will appear. Click on NEXT to continue 

15.  Just keep clicking on NEXT, this way you will be installing using the recommended default configurations. You should end up at the following screen. Click on CONTINUE and you will be at the main AVG screen. Pro- ceed to the next step.

16.  This next image is the main console of AVG Anti- virus; the red mark is telling you that something is wrong; the problem here is that the virus database is out of date. CLICK on CHECK FOR UPDATES to continue.

17.  This next window sets up where the program looks for updates. Went want the program to look for updates on the internet, but we also want to make this the default place that AVG looks for updates. Put a CHECK in the BOX as seen in the following im- age and click on INTERNET. Now the internet is where AVG will always look for updates

18.  The program will now connect to the internet and search for any updates; in this example we have a priority up- date, CLICK on UPDATE to continue

19. The next part is automatic; the program will download and install the updates that were listed in the previous window. Move on to the next screen.

20.  After the download com- pletes and patches the program you will see the following image, click on OK to continue.

21.  Now we are back at the main screen, the GREEN CHECKMARK means that AVG is ‘UP TO DATE.’ CLICK on SCAN COMPUTER to scan the computer for virus infections.

22.  This next part is auto- matic, AVG will scan the computer and then generate a report at the end of the process.

23.  The report that AVG generates will look like the following image, my computer has no virus infections. If a computer did have a virus infection then AVG would automatically  quarantine the object in the virus vault. Now the infected file can’t harm your computer. CLICK on CLOSE and then on the X; now you are done with the virus scan .

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