Sunday, July 26, 2015

Ad-Aware SE Personal Scan Ad-Aware is a program that you use to scan for ad-ware or spy-ware programs that

1. Ad-Aware SE Personal is a free program downloadable from the internet. 
Their website address/URL is or you can Google ADAWARE and click here.

2.  Go to their homepage and you should see this image on the right hand side of the page. Click on this image and you will be redirected to another webpage.

3.  On this next page you should see this image. Click on this image to start downloading the install file for Ad-Aware.

4. Click on SAVE to download the install file to your computer.

5.  The next page that pops up is asking you where you want to save the installation file.  Click on the arrow pointing down (1) to bring up a drop down list,. From this list click on “Desktop (2) to choose that as the save to area, then click on SAVE (3) then move on to the next step.

6.  After the file is downloaded you’ll see the following image, then you can RUN the program now or you can CLOSE if you plan to run the program later or on another computer. If you choose to open it later, start at #7.  If you choose to run now, skip to #8.

7.  The downloaded file is called aawsepersonal.exe; this will be located wherever you decided to save the file to, usually the desktop and can look like either of the two following pictures. Double click the file to start the install process.

8.  A security warning should pop up telling you that you are about to run a program, click on RUN to continue.

9. This next screen is the program’s installation  wizard, click on NEXT to  continue 

10.  In this next window click in the CHECKBOX beside I AC- CEPT THE LICENSE AGREE- MENT and then the words NEXT should change from light lettering to dark lettering. Click NEXT to continue.

11.  Keep clicking NEXT, using default values until you reach this screen.  If you click FINISH the computer will update the ad- ware definitions file, provided that you have access to the internet, then it will do a full  system scan

12.  The computer will scan for a bit and then it should end up looking like the following image when it is completed. Click on NEXT to continue.

13. This next screen shows a list of what the program found hiding in the com- puter, put a CHECK in all of the BOXES and then click NEXT to continue.

14.  This screen is just telling us that Ad-Aware is going to remove all of the files that you have selected, click OK to continue.

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