Thursday, April 23, 2015

Manually submit your webpages to the search engine .

To be well ranked in Google, Altavista and other indexes that use a similar ranking algorithm you need many good incoming links. The fastest and cheaper way to get them is to submit to other indexes. Good indexes only accept manual submissions. Only human operators can understand the rules of each index and add quality content. Of course, only humans are receptive to advertising, the force behind most indexes. For that reason, many sites ask for proof of humanity (like Altavista´s time- consuming quiz). Many softwares perform automatic SE submission, but most of the sites that accept free automatic submissions are worthless. None of them has PageRank over 2. Their only purpose is to collect your email to spam you forever.  Being listed in other indexes helps your Google ranking, unless those sites are not indexed or they are labeled as "link farms" (PageRank 0). Considering the effort that requires to get a listing in any site, reserve your time for those with a decent (5+) PageRank.  Some good indexes demand a reciprocal link or banner, before listing you. This can be worth the effort, but it also time-consuming and annoying.

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