Thursday, April 23, 2015

Make website gateway pages .

When webmasters discovered the rules of Google positioning, they started making pages following those rules. Hundreds, thousands, even millions of them. The search results were soon overcrowded by those gateway pages, and Google took action: they acted against abusive gateway pages, forbidding them. That is why gateway pages are a bad word among mainstream website promoters.  Some webmasters copied hundreds of times the keyword inside a page, making the text the same color as the background, to avoid annoying the reader. This simple trick was rapidly detected and forbidden by Google. In the same vein, many webmasters produced pages with a thousand links to the target page, in order to build internal link popularity or PageRank. For that reason, Google now does not like pages with more than 100 links.  Abusive gateway pages are currently defined as "many pages that have little useful information, have repetitive keyword-stuffed text, are pointing to the same target page, are mostly orphan (no incoming links), reside mostly in the same directory". Ok, someone will claim: "You can not make hand-made pages by software. It is like the antique- maker paradox: either they are antiques, or they are made...". That is true. While choosing a gateway generator tool, look for one that does not leave any trace in its pages. Make them look unique, information rich, useful and nice looking.

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